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Raise your vibrations - by increasing happiness levels Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] Raise your vibrations - by increasing happiness levels Course Coupon

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Learn how to increase your happiness levels.

2.5 hr
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There has been a lot of research carried out to show a correlation between happiness and success, in different areas of life. In business, a happy and enthusiastic workforce can generate positive outcomes for a company and exceed sales targets, as they are more engaged in their roles. They also co-operate with each other to achieve their organisational goals, as well as being able to cope better with challenges and difficulties that come with new tasks. They are often able to negotiate and resolve conflicts better.

In education, happy students thrive as they achieve positive outcomes and better results. When people are engaged in internal conflict, worry and anxiety they are often too busy and distracted. Their brains are also busy with processing the emotions of distress. We need our frontal cortex to be working well; that is, the part of the brain that can be alert to opportunities, and help with decision making, analysing and problem-solving. That part works best when we are calm and happy. Of course, we will need our skills, strength and core values to work in harmony with our desires, to help get us where we want to go. If being happy plays a role in achieving success, in different areas in life, then should we not be spending more time doing all the things that make us happy.

I invite you to join this course and

You will learn about different strategies that can increase your happiness and wellbeing level.

I have listed 30 different actions that you can take and form habits of happiness that have been shown to help people develop a mindset for a more fulfilling and positive life.

You will learn to cultivate habits of happiness

Happiness is nothing but the end result of our thoughts, our behaviour and our habits. Some of the people I have taught these practices to have also said that they have helped them to appreciate and enjoy life more. These little habits can be incorporated into our daily lifestyles easily. Not everyone will feel comfortable doing all of these activities, but you can try them and see which best match your own lifestyle.

You will learn how to develop unshakeable characteristics so you can filter out distractions

In order to feel happy, we need to develop inside of us the characteristics and qualities of happiness - acceptance, compassion, courage and forgiveness, for example. When we do so, our inner conflicts are reduced. If we do not feel satisfied inside, then, no matter what we achieve in our lives, we will not feel happy. Lasting happiness comes from contentment, joy and peace, which originate from the satisfaction of our hearts and souls.

You will learn to develop an increased level of confidence and self-esteem

If we are unhappy, insecure and empty inside, then, no matter where we go, we may keep on feeling that way. There is a saying: ‘Wherever you go, there you are’. What this means is that, if you are in a turbulent state of mind in your relationship or at work, no matter where you go with this state of mind, you will experience the same turbulence. People can often begin to think that if they move to a different relationship, a different job, their lives will then change and improve - but this is not always the case. By developing higher levels of self-esteem and confidence we can become unshakeable.

You will learn how you can become more self-aware and tune in to superconscious

By taking responsibility, allowing ourselves to go within and look within, we can identify the adjustments needed to achieve ultimate happiness. This is within our control and is the only way we have to modify our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. With practice, we can make happiness our default state of mind. When happiness becomes our default state then, no matter what difficulties and challenges may come our way, we learn from them. We can grow and then bounce back to that default state.

Everything you learn on this comes from documented ancient philosophy, spiritual practices as well as peer-reviewed research in psychological science. Just keep your mind open and go with the flow. I can guarantee you that by completing the suggested activities and forming habits you will have an increased level of life satisfaction.

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