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Quantum Physics/Quantum Computing (University Level Course) Coupon
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[85% Off] Quantum Physics/Quantum Computing (University Level Course) Course Coupon

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Newly updated course in mathematical formulations of universe at small scale for university and college level students

3.0 hr
15$ 99.99$
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This course quantum physics is purely designed for the students of colleges and universities. Students will master all the fundamental concepts of quantum physics and its applications. All the videos in this course have been captured on white paper, whiteboard and power point slides, where instructor provides the proof of various mathematical and theoretical concepts of quantum physics. This is not chocolate like course. So the students which have mathematics and physics background can take this course easily, while other students may have hard time to take this course.

All videos have been framed sequence wise and contains simple stuff rather than animated like materials. It is just getting true knowledge course in quantum mechanics. The course has been designed keeping in mind that what kind of problems students feels as instructor own experience when he was taking the course in the university.

I would like to tell you more something bout this course to avoid from any frustration.

1. It is hand written, whiteboard and power point slides made lectures notes.

2. It is less theoretical and more mathematical course, where I have explained all fundamental concepts of mathematics which are being used in quantum mechanics.

3. My accents of speaking English is Asian and I have fully tried to made the lectures for all citizens understandable.

If you don't like mathematics then please avoid to enroll in this course. If you are students of a university and you are studying quantum mechanics as a course then you can take this course. I assure you that you will get benefits from this course.

Now the most important thing is that if you don't like the course then you can take your money back instead of writing negative reviews and if you like and this course is helpful for you then please please write the 5 stars review. Hope you have understand that what I am saying.

There are total 5 sections in this course which are separated according to their titles. Each sections contains proper number of videos in which instructor explains the fundamental concepts of quantum mechanics and its applications. Sections 1 is the introduction about quantum mechanics while remaining sections are the complete description of quantum mechanics.

Mostly students feel boring when they face the mathematics used in quantum mechanics. This course have huge stuff of mathematics and instructor have try to explain  all the concepts related to mathematics in an easy way. So it is advised to students that take the complete course and follow all the videos step by step to develop the complete understanding in quantum mechanics. If the students skip any videos from any sections and jump to the next videos then they may have the problems to understand the right concepts. I assure you that if you follow the course step by step then you will teach me the quantum mechanics in the future.

This is very rising topic in today physics and most of the interesting research topic in sciences. All the concepts in theoretical physics based on quantum mechanics. The course have prepared according to the need and deficiency of students. Students search many websites and you tube but they fail to find the complete course in quantum mechanics. So this is really one of the distinct course on any online platform. I hope that my efforts to designed this course will be encouraging and it will be helpful for every students in quantum world.


  • What is quantum mechanics?

  • What is a wave function?

  • Derivation of time dependent Schrodinger wave equation

  • Operators used in quantum mechanics

  • Proof of various theorem used in quantum mechanics

  • Derivation of Schrodinger wave equation

  • Equation of Continuity

  • Heisenberg equation of motion

  • Klein Jordan Equation

  • Eigen value wave equation

  • Properties of operators used in quantum mechanics

  • Photoelectric effect experiment

  • Compton effect

  • Introduction to Classical and Quantum Physics

  • Two slits experiment

  • Entanglement and history of quantum physics

  • Wave function

  • The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

  • An experiment with a bullets

  • An experiment with waves

  • An experiment with electrons

  • Wave particle duality

  • The Schrodinger Wave Equation

  • The probability of wave function

  • Strength of wave function

  • Quantum spin and probability amplitude

  • The state of a system and revisited two slit experiment

  • And much more


    It is not like that I have wasted the time anywhere in the course. I am giving you the genuine course contents presentations. So I promise you that you will not waste your money. Also Udemy has 30 day money back guarantee and if you feel that the course is not like that you were looking, then you can take your money back.


    Here are some review about my courses by the students.

    1- Steven Miller

    I love the courses by Mr. Chauhdry. I am a retired mathematics & statistics professor. I am also retired from a long career in business where we applied mathematics to solve the most difficult of predictive analytics. I am currently in the United States in a stay at home order due to the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. Wanting to keep my mind active, I turned to my trusted friends at Udemy and have found GREAT advanced mathematics and physics courses by my favorite teacher, Mr. Chauhdry. He give the student the richness of the subject on whiteboards and simple overheads like I was used to as a student in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. Yes, someone who went to school then is still alive! I am NOT denigrating the new technologies, I am simply saying I am used to this type of teaching of difficult subjects and am simply enjoying myself and pushing myself to learn anew and relearn old concepts maybe long forgotten. A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE TEACHERS AT UDEMY FOR THE WORK THAT YOU DO!!!!! and especially my fav.....Mr. Chauhdry!

    2- Brava Man:

    Superb course!

    The instructor is very knowledgeable and presents the Quantum Physics concepts in a detailed and methodical way.

    We walked through aspects like doing research and implementation via examples that we can follow in addition, to actual mathematical problems we are presented to solve.

    3- Manokaran Masikova:

    This is a good course to learn about quantum mechanics from basic and he explained with example to understand the concept.

    4- Dr B Baskaran:

    very nice to participate in the course and very much interesting and useful also.

    5- Mashrur Bhuiyan:

    Well currently i am an Engineering student and i forgot the basics of my calculus . but this course helped me to get a good understanding of differentiation and integration. Overall all of the teaching method is good.

    6- Kaleem Ul Haq:

    Really a great explanations and each step have explain well. I am enjoying this course. He is familiar instructor in calculus. I have seen many lectures of this instructor before taking this course.


                                                                        HOPE YOU WILL JOIN ME IN THIS COURSE

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