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Quantitative Aptitude - From Scratch to Advanced Coupon
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Duration: 6.5 hours

Learn the concepts and practice problems on Quantitative Aptitude from basics to advanced level

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Welcome to my course on Quantitative Aptitude - From Scratch to Advanced. This course will be ideal for those who are preparing for

1. Placement Tests

2. Recruitment Board Exams

3. MBA/MCA Entrance Examinations

4. Entrance Examinations for higher studies

and so on.

This course adapts an easy teaching methodology in which the concepts, formulae, hints will be discussed first and rely on the understanding of those concepts to solve the problems of easy, medium and hard difficulty levels. This course includes the major topics of Quantitative Aptitude such as:

1.Time and Work

2.Pipes and Cisterns

3.Time and Distance

4.Problems on Trains

5. Boats and Streams


7.Theory of Sets

8.Profit and Loss

9.Alligation and Mixture

10.Permutations and Combinations

Under each module, we will be solving 8-20 problems to understand and gain confidence on that particular concept. Everything is taught from scratch and so it is more suitable for beginners. Some difficult problems have also been solved so that it suits intermediaries and experts as well.

Quantitative aptitude is an inseparable and an integral part of aptitude exams in India. It tests the quantitative skills along with logical and analytical skills. One can test their own number of handling techniques and problem-solving skills by solving these questions

What are you waiting for? See you there in my course! Pen and Paper on! Please note down everything.

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