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Qradar Deep Dive Questions Coupon
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[25% Off] Qradar Deep Dive Questions Course Coupon

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Practice top questions asked in Qradar Exams and interviews

3.0 hr
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Welcome, This course will help you gain knowledge of Qradar Architecture and help you understand how it works ground up.

Qradar is a market-leading SIEM tool that has made its way into many organizations based on its wide range of offerings compared to its contemporaries. What makes it so attractive is the easy-to-use GUI and the capability to expand the solution both horizontally and vertically.

Working with Qradar makes the job of a cybersecurity analyst a lot easier. This enables them to have most of the intel gathered into one snippet so they can directly move onto the more important part of IR i.e. investigating through the logs.

This, in turn, will help them make an informed decision based on the analysis.

Here are some of the main functions performed by IBM Qradar :

• Public/Private CyberThreat Intel gathering and correlation.

• Intuitive UI to sweep through heaps of data ( finding a needle in the haystack).

• Robust security model ( base OS - RHEL ).

• Work hand in glove with other security orchestration tools.

• Provides a bird's eye view of the organization from an asset and traffic point of view.

• It helps the SOC manager present a matured compliance report at the time of external audit.

IBM Qradar SIEM can be used effectively during incident forensics.

The first set focuses on the analysis part while the second set focuses on administration and troubleshooting.

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