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Python Made Easy for Beginners: Small Basis - Full Power Coupon

[92% Off] Python Made Easy for Beginners: Small Basis - Full Power Course Coupon

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Duration: 6.0 hours

Start your Python journey here - Learn the basic principles to fully master the language - Solve and automate your work

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Python is the chosen language to learn programming for obvious reasons:

  • Python is easy to master

  • It is easy to solve complex problems in an elegant manner

  • ...and it is a used by many professionals in most professions

Why learn programming in Python?

  • Almost any job needs some kind of programming skills.

  • You can automate the things that you repeat again and again to get more free time.

  • Done right, it is easy to start programming.

While Python is easy to master - it is not easy to get started.

Why most courses makes it difficult for you to master Python?

Firstly, most Python programming courses focus on covering as much as possible. That leaves the student with an overload of information, which makes it close to impossible to remember it all. This leaves the student unable to make any valuable projects after completion.

This course focuses on covering a small basis that will give you the full power in Python. This way is the most effective way to master something new. Get an in-depth understanding of the basis and solve valuable problems with that basis. Extending that to more complex problems will be easy afterward.

Secondly, most Python programming curses use scripting interpreters, like JuPyter notebook. They are designed to make interaction easy, but leaves the student unable to solve more than scripting challenges with Python. If you want to go beyond that and make real programs, then you should start in a real development environment, an IDE, Integrated Development Environment.

This course teaches you to use PyCharm, which is the most used professional IDE for Python. It makes the software development process easy, and will a be valuable investment in the long run. It is not difficult and the power gained is far beyond what scripting interpreters can provide you.

Thirdly, most Python programming courses focuses too little on actual programming. It is always easier to watch someone do some coding than to do it yourself. Unfortunately, this is not the best way to learn things. Even though students often think something is trivial to do, it is often not the case when they try it. Details are first learned when you do the programming yourself.

This course focuses on letting the student make all the coding immediately after the instructor. This way the concepts taught are immediately applied. This is the best learning you can get. Keep the learning cycles small. Concepts introduced and showed by instructor, then immediately applied by the students.

The best way to learn Python is by programming.

This course will teach you the basic principles to master the language.

  • You want to program to solve problems or automate work for you.

  • You need to understand the basic building blocks to achieve that.

  • You want to minimise that set of building blocks to get started with your goal.

This course is optimised to focus on what is needed to be a proficient programmer to get started on your journey to become a highly skilled programmer that can solve anything in Python.

To optimise your learning the course is structured in small learning cycles.

  • Each concepts and building block is taught one at the time.

  • Then we write the code together.

  • Then you will get an exercise to do the same to ensure your understand it.

Programming is the best way to learn Python. You will not learn Python without typing in the code yourself. You don't expect to learn how to ride a bicycle by watching videos of others explaining how they master to bike. No, it takes practice.

If you want to become a good programmer you need to have some basic understanding of the underlying programming concepts. The more programming concepts you understand, the more problems you can solve in Python. But you want to optimise the start of your journey to only focus on the necessities.

In this course we will cover some essential types, program flows, loops and managing files in an straight forward and easy to understand way. You will be learning along the way and implement the various steps along the way.

This course covers the following.

  • Simple types in Python: integers, floats and strings.

  • Lists in Pyton.

  • Program flow with conditions. How the programs decided what to do based on conditions.

  • Loops. How to repeat tasks. Iterating over lists. For-loops. While-loops.

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