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Python for Beginners Coupon
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[40% Off] Python for Beginners Course Coupon

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New to Python Programming and Python for all

4.0 hr
15$ 24.99$
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In this course we will discuss on

Introduction to Python

Python Interpreter

Download and Install PyCharm and usage

Data Types

Type Conversion and it's types

Taking User Input from input() function

apply type conversion on input

Control Statements  -> if , if - else , if - else ladder , nested if

Looping or Iteration Statements  -> for , while

range() function

Loop Control Statements -> break , continue


Types of Operators  -> Arithmetic operators , Relational Operators , Assignment Operators , Logical Operators , Identity Operators , Membership Operators , Bitwise Operators 

and discuss on each type with an example.

We will provide some description on each lecture.

We will provide you the brief explanation on each and every topic that makes you more clear in understanding.

If you are not clear replay the video again and practice. Still you are not fully clear you can mail me to this

I also have a YouTube Channel named "Yellow Tech Mahesh". You can comment me clearly about any topic to clear you doubt.

I will respond within 12 hours of your request.

Our main advice is don't simply watch the videos. Practice it with different examples in different ways. That makes this course on your fingertips.

Have the quizzes with patience.

Our intention is to give the best and make the learners best .

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