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Python-Driven AI Automation: BotCity-RPA & Trending AI-Tools Coupon
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[-125% Off] Python-Driven AI Automation: BotCity-RPA & Trending AI-Tools Course Coupon

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Build AI Automation Python Framework Integrating BotCity-RPA, OpenAI, ChatGPT & Google Bard. Learn Next-Gen AI SkillSet

5.0 hr
45$ 19.99$
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Are you an aspiring or seasoned Python developer? then I have some exciting news that could pave the way for significant opportunities for you. As the landscape of Artificial intelligence continues to flourish, so does the potential for AI automation. Here, I am introducing exclusive content on AI automation harnessing the power of the BotCity RPA Framework, combined with advanced AI tools such as OpenAI and ChatGPT, all underpinned by Python's versatility.

This course is focused to transform you as AI Automation Developer to emerge in the ever-growing intelligent automation sphere. You will learn how to develop a Python framework that can be integrated with any AI tool, BotyCity RPA Framework, and other modules to build next-gen AI Automation.

Here is a list of items you will expect to learn from this course -

1. BotCity RPA - Unleash the power of Intelligent Computer Vision of BotCity Framework. You will learn to build Desktop BOT, Web BOT, PDF Bot, and Plugins such as Google Workspace/ REST/ CSV etc, Bot Orchestration, Third party library integration, and more. And all you will do by Python.

2. OpenAI & Python - Learn to build AI ChatBot with various configurations, such as Text-To-Audio, Audio-To-Audio (Voice Assistant), and more. Integrate OpenAI python library with other open source libraries.

3. AI & RPA Integration - Learn to build the Framework which can integrate AI offerings such as OpenAI and ChatGPT, BotCity RPA offerings, and other Python library integration as microphone access, speaker access etc.

Let's give both of us a fair chance to be profitable by joining this course. You will acquire cutting-edge knowledge of AI Automation, and I will be appreciated for my dedicated efforts in curating this course.

Keep learning and Stay blessed ______

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