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Duration: 10.0 hours

Courses for Kids 5 - 14 years

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Python Coding Course teaches your kid a powerful language for creating programs for a wide variety of purposes, available even for beginners. It can be used to solve problems of various types. Today, programs for banks and telecommunications companies are written in this language; many analysts work with data using this language. Thanks to its clear and definite syntax, it is very easy to start programming in it. Python is one of the most demanded programming languages today; it is in the top-3 languages of the TIOBE rating! Python code is easy to read, and an interactive shell allows you to enter programs and get immediate results. In addition to the simple language structure and interactive shell, Python has tools that significantly speed up learning and allow you to create simple animations for your video games. One such tool is the turtle module, a specially designed learning tool that mimics the “turtle graphics”. We will work on a free platform called Trinket, so you don’t have to download anything on your PC. Starting with the simplest commands, step by step, you will write your programs and comprehend the particularities of this language.

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