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Python 101: From N00B to N3RD Coupon

[-0% Off] Python 101: From N00B to N3RD Course Coupon

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Learn the basics of Python programming and discover the power of data analytics with Dartanion the Great!

7.5 hr
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Ready to jump into the world of Python? The Python coding language is a must-have skill for every would-be coder! Even if you don’t want to grow up to be a coder, you STILL will have fun by learning a new coding language with Dartanion Williams, your instructor. Dart brings wit and wisdom at the same time while giving you the reasons WHY you’re learning what you’re learning! With sample code you can follow along with and modify, you’ll be coding in no time! We’re tackling such topics like: What is Python? Why is Python? What can it do? Why is it useful to you? And can you learn it without knowing anything about it? (Hint: the answer is “yes”)

Let me're trying to find a simple course on Python because you've seen the possibilities of this incredible thing called PROGRAMMING. But where should you start? How do you begin? Right here in this course, my friend. You're going to learn all the buzzwords in Python, how to bend data to your will, and how to use that data to do cool things.


  • 7+ hours of video

  • End-of-chapter quizzes to test your knowledge

  • Q&A section where you have access to a team of teaching assistants to answer any questions you might have

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Lifetime access

  • Certificate of completion


  • Organization and use of Python in real-world problems

  • How to write programs using Python

  • Python lists and how to efficiently store and organize data

  • Basics of Pandas (these are not panda bears...), Series, and DataFrames

  • How to create, call, and pass arguments to functions (this is more fun than it sounds)

  • How to run Python projects from command prompts and integrated development environments (trust'll get it)

  • Making repetitive tasks easy using automation and loops

  • Harness your new power to write code for an ATM machine

  • And so much more


  • Software Developer

  • Quality Assurance Engineers

  • Junior and Senior Python Developer

  • Python Full Stack Developer

  • GIS Analyst

  • Data Scientists

  • Machine Learning Engineers

About Dartanion:

For over 18 years, I have helped lead teams toward cohesion, high performance, and continuous improvement. I'm a data-driven, energetic change agent with strong technical skills complimented with a fine balance of curiosity, practicality, and creativity.

As an expert in public policy, data, and technology, I have played a key role in several large-scale projects, including Chicago’s successful implementation of web-based student information management, and the reform of Special Education Transportation and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Washington, D.C. I have also helped cities use data to improve services, including budget planning, 311 and customer service, snow preparation and plowing, trash pickup, transportation, and citywide performance management.

Technical specialties include SQL, ETL, JavaScript, Python, Tableau, Power BI, ArcGIS, Python, Salesforce, mobile application design, data engineering, and data science.

I look forward to helping you go from N00B to N3RD!

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