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Psychology of Successful People Coupon
Personal Development

[83% Off] Psychology of Successful People Course Coupon

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Learn the ten essential attitudes and behaviours we can adopt to makes ourselves happier and more successful

3.0 hr
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What makes successful people successful and how we can replicate it? In this course, we will explore the ten principles that research suggests will make us happier and more successful. We will concentrate on attitudes and behaviours so each principle can be put into action. These principles are:

  1. Understand thyself (self-understanding), how increasing our awareness of our desires, needs and ideal self guides our behaviour

  2. Set a vision (vision), why the traditional view of goals requires more flexibility

  3. Take more risks (risk taking), why humans are typically too risk-averse and how we can manage anxiety to change this

  4. Accept what is (acceptance), how we can stop wasting energy wishing things were different and start doing more

  5. Be humble (humility), why ego is destructive

  6. Never stop learning (education) and the importance of lifelong education

  7. Build a core skill base (common skills), the nine common skills that will help you in all walks of life

  8. Make time for yourself (self-care), why working all the time is a false economy

  9. Manage your time effectively (time management), reducing procrastination and increasing assertiveness to get important things done first

  10. Connect with your tribute (environment) and building an environment you can thrive in

For each principle, I will explain what the principle is and how it works, be explicit about the benefits of following it, give practical suggestions as to how to implement it in your life, and explain how it connects to the other principles.

In addition to the video lessons and reading, you will get practical exercises and a workbook to complete to build your personal success plan.

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