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Psychological Mind Experiments Coupon
Personal Development

[62% Off] Psychological Mind Experiments Course Coupon

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Psychological Mind Experiment/Mentalism

1.0 hr
15$ 39.99$
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This is my second course, and if you haven't seen the first one yet, I recommend you do so for a better understanding.

We will go over some psychological Mind Experiments in this course.

where you use simple games and techniques to gain control of the audience

Every experiment is fascinating and easily adaptable to performance.

You can quickly learn this and perform it on anyone.

If you have any questions or need clarification.

I will be there to help you along the way.

Enjoy the videos and start entertaining others.

What you will learn

1. Truth or Lie

2. Star Sign Revelation

3. Psychological experiment with 3 coins

4.Imaginary Dice and Mindreading plot

5.4 ways to WIN and One way to Lose-Luck favors or not.

On this path, you may learn to resolve the mysteries of mentalism and thoughts analysis. You'll use the artwork of phantasm and mental-based strategies to amaze your target audience and play with their minds.

In this Online Mentalism and Mindreading Course, We will guide you step by step to grow you as a complete entertainer. you may learn how to grasp magic via the energy of mentalism and thoughts analyzing strategies so as to blow your target audience away.

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