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Project Management Crash Course Coupon

[100% Off] Project Management Crash Course Free Course Coupon

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Complete Understanding of Concepts, Processes and Tools in 60 Minutes

1.0 hr
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Welcome to the Project Management Crash Course.

This course is designed to help you for your practical day to day project management, to improve your project management knowledge, skills and to enhance your career by understanding and opting for best suited project management certification for you.

- You will learn the basic concepts of Project management to understand difference between a project and operations, classification of projects, programme and portfolio and the understanding of project management.

- I will explain you some important terminologies for project management that are used in day to day communication related to project management.

- You will get a full understanding of project life cycle. What are different phases in a project and how they are mapped from initiating till closing the project. What are the inputs and outputs in each phase.

- You will learn 10 knowledge areas and 49 processes used in project management.

- I will provide you the list of important documents that are used in every project. You will understand the purpose of each document and also, you will get free templates for all documents to use in your projects.

- Project Manager role is very critical for the success of a project. You will learn that what are the key responsibilities a project manager needs to perform in order to ensure the successful delivery of his/her project.

- To perform the project manager duties in productive way, you must have some key skills. I will teach you what are those skills and how a project manager can develop and enhance those skills.

- There are different types of plan driven and change driven project management methodologies used for different type of projects. You will be able get the understanding of those methodologies and learn the pro’s and Cons for each type of methodology.

- You will learn the best software’s that can be used for each type of Project management methodology.

- I will provide you the information of widely accepted certifications in project management field. Based on that information you will be able to decide the best fit certification for your current stage of Career.

In summery, After taking this course, you will have full understanding of project management basic concepts, day to day terminologies, project management processes, different methodologies for project management. You will also have the list and templates for important project management documents and understanding of your role as project manager. You will have the information for top skills you need, which software tools you can use and in order to pursue your career in project management, the best suited certification for you as well.

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