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Programming with Kotlin - Masterclass | Complete Course Coupon

[82% Off] Programming with Kotlin - Masterclass | Complete Course Course Coupon

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Learn programming with one of the most popular languages. Master the language through interesting and practical examples

11.0 hr
15$ 84.99$
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So you want to become proficient with Kotlin programming language? Well, get ready, because this course will provide you the knowledge that you are going to need, if you're seriously planning to accelerate your career as a Kotlin programmer.

Now when I say Kotlin programmer, I'm also referring to:

- Mobile Applications Development (Especially Android)

So if you're planning to become an Android Developer, then forget about Java and focus

on Kotlin only.

- Kotlin will also allow you to Build Web Applications

- Server Side Applications

- Desktop Applications

- So basically Multi-platform projects

- Kotlin has some libraries specifically adapter for a Data Science as well

- And much more!

So why Kotlin, why not some other language? Well Kotlin is a modern programming language that came out in 2016. I must say from my personal experience, when I switched over to Kotlin a couple of years ago, I couldn't describe how much happier developer I became.

And the main reason for that was it's simplicity. With Kotlin, everything is simple and easy. No Semicolons.

Kotlin is Expressive and concise language.

- You are writing less and doing more.

Kotlin provides a Safer code

- It helps you avoid NullPointerExceptions, among other things.

Kotlin is Interoperable

- It's fully compatible with Java.

And Kotlin has a happy community of a considerable size!

I can go on like this for whole day! But if you are still watching this video, then you're probably smart enough to make a decision and start learning this wonderful programming language. So don't waist your time, and let's get started!

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