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Duration: 3.0 hours

step by step course to passing the paper sift, acing the interview and more

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Why me?

  • Performed thousands of technical interviews and built teams for many of the worlds leading brands

  • Software Developer with >20 years of experience

  • Held positions from Junior Developer through to CTO

  • Previously Head of Talent Acquisition for X-Team

Why this course?

Most interview courses for developers are about learning algorithms. The vast majority of the developers that are successful in the interview process and are hired, or offered the role, are the candidates who succeed in selling themselves rather than remembering a handful of technical algorithms. This course will help you to prepare and then stand out in both your application and during the interview itself. There's no long list of things to remember. This course is focussed on delivering the subtle alterations that can be made to any application or presentation to ensure you are presenting the best version of yourself to each interviewer as well as ways to ensure your interview responses deliver value and have real meaning.

Following this course you will be able to:

  1. Structure your CV and LinkedIn profiles to stand out to both recruiters and employers

  2. Prepare your environment for remote interviews

  3. Apply strategies to ensure ensure your interview answers deliver real value

  4. Get ahead of your competition by understanding how recruiters and employers think when interviewing developers

  5. Manage the interview process in order to ensure you're presenting the best version of yourself

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