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Professional Scrum Developer (PSD ™) Practice Exams Coupon
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[25% Off] Professional Scrum Developer (PSD ™) Practice Exams Course Coupon

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PSD ™- Professional Scrum Developer Certification Practice Tests-700 Questions with Explanations - 2022.

3.0 hr
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All the practice exams are based on the latest version of the Scrum Guide.

These UNOFFICIAL practice tests contain

  • 700 questions: 4 tests of 100 questions & 2 tests of 150 questions each in English.

  • Appropriate explanations: It will help you to understand the Scrum Framework & the importance of the Developer's role.

Professional Scrum Developer Course Objectives

  • Understand how modern Agile engineering practices and supportive DevOps tools improve a team’s capability to deliver working software

  • Learn the different aspects of a Scrum Team and how to work together as a team to get work done.

  • Finally, gain knowledge of how to leverage modern software development tools and practices.

These practice exams are divided on basis of the below-mentioned focus areas.

  • Scrum Framework — Rules and roles of Scrum per the Scrum Guide.

  • Scrum Theory and Principles — Good understanding of Scrum theory, how it is founded on empirical theory, and the principles and values of Scrum.

  • Analysis – Modern practices for a Development Team to best interpret user needs so that they are most transparent with the least waste possible.

  • Cross-functional, self-managed Teams — Scrum Teams are different from traditional development groups. The paradigm and nature of a cross-functional and self-organizing team promote flexibility, creativity, and productivity. They choose how to best do their work and have all competencies needed to accomplish it without depending on others outside of the team.

  • Cross-functional, self-managed Development — Self-organization within the Development team fosters collaboration and increases commitment, feeling of ownership, and creativity. The Development team makes all decisions on how to do the work that it has forecast it could complete.

  • Design & Architecture - Technical approaches to developing software architecture and design that a Development Team must do in order to deliver business value in the form of working software every Sprint.

  • Documentation / Persistence - Documentation makes information persistent. Documentation is incrementally maintained and is a development activity.

  • Quality - As part of incremental development, Scrum puts quality before scope. This requires transparent agreements and standards.

  • Test First Development - Development approach of thinking through requirements before writing functional code in order to consider work in terms of how it will be tested, creating traceability, and eliminating waste.

  • Testing - The ability to deliver shippable software requires testing activities, to be done as part of development.

  • Programming - Writing high-quality code is an art in itself. It requires skills, dedication, mastery, and agreed-on practices.

100% money-back guarantee: There is no risk subscribing to this course as the platform guarantees that you can claim a refund without any justification within 30 days.

Legal Disclaimer:
These UNOFFICIAL practice tests are not endorsed by, nor in partnership, nor affiliated with Scrum . org.

The statements made and opinions expressed herein belong exclusively to the creator of this course and are not shared by or represent the viewpoint of Scrum . org. This training does not constitute an endorsement of any product, service or point of view. Scrum . org makes no representations, warranties or assurances of any kind, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, availability or currency of the content contained in this presentation or any material related to this presentation. In no event shall Scrum . org, its agents, officers, employees, licensees or affiliates be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business information, loss of information) arising out of the information or statements contained in the training. Any reliance you place on such content is strictly at your own risk.


The terms Scrum Open, Professional Scrum™, Professional Scrum Master™, Professional Scrum Product Owner™, PSM, PSM I, PSM II, PSPO, PSPO I, PSPO II, PSD, SPS, etc. are the protected brand of Scrum Organization.

The practice tests use wording from the Scrum Guide , Nexus Guide , and Evidence-Based Management Guide™ to explain important concepts, ideas, rules, and practices.

No changes have been made to the content of the Scrum Guide , Nexus Guide , and Evidence-Based Management Guide

License: Attribution Share-Alike license of Creative Commons

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