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Professional Certificate in HVAC & Piping Engineering Coupon
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[25% Off] Professional Certificate in HVAC & Piping Engineering Course Coupon

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MEP Engineering

3.0 hr
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The HVAC Engineering and Design Process has many variables that cover multiple dimensions, and it takes Knowledge and Experience in order to be able to create and design an HVAC system that works and meets the Design requirements.

In this Certificate in HVAC  Course We Address the Design and Sizing of Air Distribution Terminals for the HVAC System. In which we will learn how to carry out the design steps to properly and efficiently select, locate and Size the air terminals based on best practices and design criteria.

The HVAC course will teach you all the concepts of HVAC designing from very basic to pro level.

The course is discussing in full details all types of HVAC, HVAC materials and classifications, duct air flow fundamentals, duct systems design methods with examples,  fans and fan duct interactions, duct mounted accessories, space air diffusion and air distribution, air outlets selection and sizing and etc..

All information mentioned in this course are quoted from international standards including ASHRAE  to give you the information from it's original source and quoted to be a reference for future to access it easily.

This course will teach you all the design, construction, selection & calculations related to HVAC & fan systems and HVAC related accessories.

ou can find even more syllabus, is covered in this course than the standard Diploma in Piping Engineering and Design. And if compare the cost, it cost you nothing as compared to a standard course.

This Course is a perfect combination of theoretical study as well as practical work. You will Learn the use of your knowledge in practical work by some examples of exercises.

What you’ll learn

Introduction about piping services

Types of pipe services in a building

Methods of supplying water

Design of water distribution system

Pipe network analysis

Fluid friction in system

Energy losses in pipe systems

Components of piping system

Testing of piping system

Fitting arrangement

Important safety points

International Standards of design

Pipe System Configurations

Stages of Piping Design

Piping discipline and process discipline relation

Piping system configuration

Design basis

Piping Calculations

Method of stress analysis

Selection of piping materials

Preparation of standard PMS/VMS

Piping layout Design, SPP&ID Software


Introduction of CASEAR-II Software

As you can see here, we cover pretty much everything you need to know about piping systems that will help you successfully design, construct, maintain and operate your own piping systems.

So with no further ado, check out the free preview videos and the curriculum of the course and we look forward to seeing you in the first section.

Hope to see you there

Best of Luck!

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