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Process Safety Fundamentals Coupon
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[73% Off] Process Safety Fundamentals Course Coupon

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Steps to Risk Management

1.5 hr
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Process Safety Fundamentals training aims to deliver comprehensive information about core elements of the Process Safety discipline, how to assess the risk both in qualitative and quantitative approaches by focusing on the risk management process. The course takers can directly get into the risk management process and comprehend the necessary steps to define risk within the practical sessions by reaching out to the following topics:

· Importance of Process Safety - Why is Process Safety Important?

· Hazard, Risk, Hazard Identification - What is Hazard/Risk?, What are the various hazard identification techniques?

· Qualitative Risk Assessment - What does qualitative risk assessment mean? How to assess the risk quantitatively?

· Hazard Scenarios - What are the different failure modes?

· Consequence Analysis - As a part of Quantitative Risk Assessment

· Consequence Modelling - Source term and Release Modelling

· Practical Session I - Application of Source term and Release Modelling on a specific problem

· Types of Fires and Explosion - Fire Modelling as a part of Consequence Analysis

· Practical Session II - Application of Fire Modelling on a specific problem

· Likelihood Analysis - As a part of Quantitative Risk Assessment

· Fault and Event Tree Analysis (FTA) - Fault tree and Event tree construction

· Practical Session III - Application of FTA on a specific problem

· Defining Risk and Risk Matrix

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