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Process Mining with Celonis Snap Coupon

[50% Off] Process Mining with Celonis Snap Course Coupon

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Learn how to combine data science and process mapping techniques to visualize processes with real data

2.5 hr
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An important aspect for many organizations is the flow of work between different parts of the organization. Traditionally, experts would use business process modeling techniques to visualize how these processes should be. This is a very labor intensive exercise. Moreover, in practice, the actual process may be very different from what is drawn on paper. This gap can be filled by applying process mining. Process mining uses actual data to visualize what the process is, rather than what the process is thought to be.

Process mining is a relatively young research discipline that sits between computational intelligence and data mining on the one hand, and process modeling on the other hand. The idea of process mining is to discover, monitor and improve real processes by extracting knowledge from data readily available in an organization’s information systems. It is a tool to improve the design, redesign, control, and support of operational business processes.

In this course, students are introduced to the discipline of process mining using a healthy blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice. The theoretical parts of this course are drawn from leading academic publications. The hands-on practice parts will be conducted in the leading process mining software application that is democratizing process mining for the masses, Celonis Snap.

What this course is NOT about:

- This course is intended to be hands-on and practical. Therefore, only limited attention will paid to the underlying (alternative) theories of process modelling and mining. The focus will be on applied process mining with Celonis Snap.

- Although process mining overlaps with the domain of business process modeling & notation (BPMN), this course is not about BPMN. BPMN is only elaborated on in the context that is relevant for process mining, such as conformance checking.

- Although process mining overlaps with the domain of data science, this course is not about data science. Data science is only elaborated on in the context that is relevant for process mining.

- This course will not cover how to integrate Celonis with an organization's information system and/or data warehouse as part of its information architecture.

- This course does not cover Celonis PQL which is a query Language for Process Mining in Celonis

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