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Problem-solving Method for Complex Business and IT Teams Coupon
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[57% Off] Problem-solving Method for Complex Business and IT Teams Course Coupon

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How to Identify and Resolve Business and IT Problems effective and efficient way!

1.5 hr
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According to PMI research, 74% of projects are failing. It does not matter how good your planning is or how well you’ve put your project plan together. There will always be unforeseen problems that need to be resolved immediately! The objective of this course is to teach the benefit of using a systematic problem-solving method to resolve complex problems; define the root cause of a problem, identify an acceptable solution, assess the risk, and then implement the best fitting solution.

This is a very simple and easy to apply complex problem-solving approach with help of powerful questions, you can start using the right away whether you are managing a project or running an operation. This approach applies to all situations, even if it is a simple challenge, you are experiencing.

The eLearning is designed to demonstrate how to engage the right resources with the right questions, the importance of thinking & understanding, and how to reach a consensus to resolve complex problems and rescue your project with a simple but effective method. We will also discuss the importance of getting an agreement from all impacted parties; stakeholders, subject matter experts, and sponsors.

This self-directed eLearning course material provides guidance for the professional development of individuals & teams.

Warm Regards,

Christine Aykac, DevOps & Agile Coach

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