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Probability Part -1 Coupon
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1. In a cricket match, a batswoman plays many balls and hits a boundary some times. How to find the probability that she did not hit a boundary?

2. Three coins are tossed simultaneously a large number of times. How to compute the probability of 2 heads coming up?

3. In a group of large number of families, number of girls in each family were recorded. How to calculate the probability of a family having 2 girls, 1 girl and no girl. How to check whether the sum of these probabilities is 1 ?

4. All the students of a class were asked about the month their birth. How the find the probability that a student of the class was born in a particular month?

5. There are some bags of wheat flour marked to be having specified weight. But a few of these bags contain more or less than the specified weight. How to find the probability that a bag may contain more than the specified weight?

6. An organization selects a few hundred family for survey to determine a relationship between income level and number of vehicles in a family.

7. How to find the probability that a family is earning income in a particular range and owing a specified number of vehicles?

8. The teacher has grouped the students on the basis of marks obtained in a class test. How to find the probability that a student obtains specified marks?

9. In a class, the students have been asked to write a 3-digit number. How to calculate the probability that the number written by a student is divisible by 3?

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