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Principles of Flow: Deep Focus & Strategic Planning Coupon
Personal Development

[85% Off] Principles of Flow: Deep Focus & Strategic Planning Course Coupon

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Achieve Peak Productivity and Performance by Optimizing Flow State and Innovative Planning

4.0 hr
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This comprehensive course provides proven techniques for entering coveted flow states consistently both as individuals and in teams. Learn how to structure environments, mindset practices, and collaborative workflows to trigger deep immersive focus on demand.

Start by understanding the psychology and neuroscience foundations of flow based on seminal research by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and others. Explore the core characteristics and signs of flow states including total absorption, time transformation, loss of self-consciousness, intrinsic rewards etc. Diagnose your own optimal flow triggers through systematic logging of activities, moods, perceived challenges vs skills ratios and other dimensions.

Identify personal flow patterns and obstacle areas for improvement. Subsequently, learn advanced practices to sustain flow for longer durations without depletion. Discover tactics to balance open awareness and directed attention to match situational needs.

Shift gears to planning by first defining SMART goals and translating them into tactical objectives and prioritized tasks. Learn to categorize milestones across multiple horizons and classify them across themes through techniques like SWOT analysis. Develop realistic schedules mapping workflows, ownership and time allocation to optimize use of team strengths. Build organizational plans assessing capacity, budget and growth projections to secure required resources. Maintain flexibility by scenario planning and agile collaboration without overplanning.

By synthesizing flow science and planning methodologies, this course will equip you with skills to accomplish more in less time through extraordinary engagement and productivity. Actively apply learnings through challenges to integrate the principles of flow-based planning for peak performance.

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