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Principles of Chemical Processes |Mass & Energy Balance| Coupon
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[25% Off] Principles of Chemical Processes |Mass & Energy Balance| Course Coupon

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Core Course for many Chemical Courses that Allow Students to Solve Material & Energy Balance and Pressure Calculations.

8.5 hr
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Principle of Chemical Processes (PCP) is the fundamental course for Chemical Engineering students for other subjects such as Thermodynamics, Separation Processes, Heat Transfer, and Fluid Transport. Basically, the whole Chemical engineer career is based on the Principle of Chemical Processes. This course integrates chemistry(general chemistry, some organic chemistry, and physical chemistry), physics, maths (mostly simple algebra, some calculus).

Course Content

  • Composition of Mixtures

· Molecular Weight & Mole and the Conversion between Mass & Moles

· Mass & Mole Fraction, Conversion from a Composition by Mass to Molar Composition

· Concentration

  • Pressure

· Introduction of Pressure and Pressure Scales (Atmospheric, Gauge, Vacuum, Absolute)

· Conversion Factors of Pressure

· Fluid Pressure Measurement

  • Ideal Gases & Gas Laws

· Ideal Gases & Equation of State, Standard Temperature & Pressure, Problems

· Ideal Gas Mixtures, Vapor-Liquid Equilibria for Multi-Component System

· Henry’Law, Raoult’s Law, Antoine Equation, Dalton’s Law

  • Fundamentals of Material Balances

· Introduction, Chemical Processes Classification, Steady & Unsteady State, Balance Equation

· Differential and Integral Balances on Chemical Processes

· Differential Process to Perform Material Balance

· Flow Chart Streams and calculation of Flow Chart Stream Balance

· Flow Chart Scaling and their Calculation

  • Balances on Reactive Systems

· Balances on Reactive Systems, Limiting & Excess Reactants

· Extent of Reaction and the Calculation of Extent of Reaction

· Multiple Reactions, Yield & Selectivity2

· Extent of Reaction for Multiple Reactions with Calculation

· Balances on Molecular & Atomic Species

· Degree of Freedom Analysis on Reactive Balances

  • Energy Balance

· First Law of Thermodynamics, Forms of Energy (Kinetic, Molecular, Internal)

· Energy Balances on Closed Systems

· Specific Properties & Enthalpy

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