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Preparing for a public speech Coupon
Personal Development

[57% Off] Preparing for a public speech Course Coupon

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Manual for a successful orator

3.0 hr
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I am glad to welcome you to my course, dedicated to one specific topic in the huge sphere of oratory art - preparing for a public speech. The course covers both: a) preparation of the speech itself (its structure, plan, text, etc.), and b) preparation of the speaker personally for the speech.

The course will be not only interesting, but also practically useful. I won't demonstarte you how to speak beautifully - I will teach you to speak beautifully. Without hesitation, without fear, without doubt. And at the same time - clearly, convincingly, conveying your point of view to the audience.

It's not very hard to learn how to speak in front of an audience. Oratory is definitely not the most difficult practical skill. A little patience, knowledge, practice and you will be able to feel comfortable in pubic speaking. Even if it's just your YouTube channel.

Don't pay attention on my terrible English. To make everything clear, I accompanied my speech with correct captions (not auto-generated), as well as informative slides, where you will always understand my point.

Also keep in mind one important point: even if you don't have to speak in public too often, the ability to speak persuasively and clear is important for everyday life as well (personal communication with friends, disputes in social networks, building relationships with a partner, etc.). So, even if you're not going to be President, your oratory skills won't go to waste.

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