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Course Instructor:
Robert Sullivan, MA, MBA, FistlLM, FRSA
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[100% Off] Leadership and management, leadership skills,team management Udemy Coupon

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Best-Seller international academic. Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Development.

Producer of many peer-reviewed publications. Including team management and team building.

Also rated in the top 10% of Udemy Instructors for engagement with students and most watched tutor. 

Guaranteed high quality teaching and learning experience.

Full lifetime access to the course and all future updates on purchase once.

The Certificate in Team Leading, Leadership is critically important today.

Business Management Training on Team Working, Team Building and  Leading Effective Teams

Join Udemy Best-Selling instructor Rob Sullivan in this exciting course right NOW!

International academic  at your fingertips, right now!

What the students say!

·         The course was what i was expecting it to be. Let me just say it answered all the questions i had about team leadership and management. It was direct to the point. The power point presentation was engaging funny and i love the “Take us to your leader slide”. I learnt a lot, noted down a lot i confidently rate it 5 Star.

·         Really great, well-paced course and I really love the look of the extra bonus stuff. The Team Diagnostic will be of great use. The FREE Management PDF book looks great and covers much more than Team. Stuffed with value.

·         A clear understanding of concepts which matter to understand team diagnostics and focus areas instead, of getting lost in the vastness of management studies.

The real benefits

This course will help remove the stress, anxiety and fear of Team Leaders and Managers.

Comes with Certificate for CPD purposes from a best-selling instructor and Udemy.


To succeed and become a winning team leader and team manager, entrepreneur, or leader, you need the core skills of leading people. This course focused on making you a winner through honing these very skills

If you have the desire to really further your team management career, to help your team members have a better, less stressed and fruitful life then this course is for you.

Learning by doing

This team leading course is designed after much research and evaluation to stimulate thought and to give a toolbox of awesome techniques for leaders. This makes team management so much easier.

It looks at the need to develop, nurture and grow the strong relationship between the team leader, their team, and others who may assist in implementing the output from this amazing course. Team management is about trust.

A top performing faculty member at several international Business Schools, successful manager and entrepreneurs gives you the benefit of his knowledge and real-life experience from your PC, tablet. phone or Smart TV.

We recognize and value you!

When you complete this course, you will receive a certificate of completion directly from Udemy. This gives you the opportunity to log that Continuous Professional Development has taken place. Team management, team leadership and team building are skills you will have for life.


Who is the target audience?

  • All team leaders, team managers, team builders and those aspiring to become winning and successful leaders or managers.

  • Management, team managers, team builders and front line team members and leaders

  • Any team manager looking to improve their skills in team leading

  • Anyone with a keen interest in Leadership & Management


Importantly,  the content will help remove the stress, anxiety and fear of  Managers and Leaders.

Comes with Certificate for CPD purposes from a best-selling instructor and Udemy. Team Management Certification.


Just a few of the things you’ll learn:

What leadership means

All about leadership and management

Team Leadeing explained

Team Management and its importance

Leadership development and you

Team building


Leadership : practical Leadership Skills

Team Leadership

Specific Issues

  • What      being a Team Leader is all about and how that will help you

  • What      you do not need to do or worry about

  • What      leading a team means and how to do it

  • What      me mean when we speak about Team Management

  • Why      your team might not be effective right now 

  • How      to understand and play to the strengths of your team

  • Your      role in managing your team and in team building

  • Human Resource Management      sections and their role

  • How      to motivate your staff

  • The      key point it Performance Management

  • How      to conduct awesome appraisals

About the instructor:

Robert Sullivan   started off as a line manager/ supervisor in 1983 and since has managed and led teams internationally and very successfully.

He has been teaching online since 1995 and has taught many thousands of students in around 150 Countries. He teaches at Masters level and has supervised many dissertations. 

He has written a large number of academic papers, many Distance & Online learning texts. 

 He has taught management at some of the World’s top Business Schools and Universities. In addition, he has acted as a consultant to many blue chip companies and currently mentors CEO’s and fast-track entrepreneurs for such as Virgin Group.

He believes solid, grounded Management Training id critical to helping people be successful and removing the stress and anxiety suffered due to a lack of Manager Training and Human Resource Management Training.

People interested in the following subjects are likely to find this course of interest.

Team Leader, leadership, Leadership and management, leadership skills, team management, team building, leadership development, team, team building, team management, team leadership, teamwork, Leadership: Practical Leadership Skills, formation, team building activities, leading a team


Instructors: Robert Sullivan, MA, MBA, FistlLM, FRSA

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