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Learn concepts and Practice problems in Linear Algebra
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[100% Off] Algebra Course Udemy Coupon

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Algebra is the branch of mathematics that deals with unknown values being represented in the form of variables. Algebra is an extension of the same.

Algebra is a branch of mathematics that lets you concisely describe coordinates and interactions of planes in higher dimensions and perform operations on them.

Algebra is an area that primarily deals with the representation of data conforming to certain notations and practices. Broadly speaking, in linear algebra data is represented in the form of linear equations. These linear equations are in turn represented in the form of matrices and vectors. Vectors can be looked at as a single dimensional matrix. So linear algebra mainly deals with the representation of data in the form of matrices. 

This course on Algebra teaches students all the concepts of Linear starting from basics. You get to learn by solving example problems in several topics. You will about matrices and determinants and their applications in detail. It also covers Span, Vectors, Linear Transformation, etc. You will be in a position to solve any problem in Algebra easily. Let’s get started with the course!

Instructors: Brilliant Academy Teachers

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