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Powershell : Create a desktop application GUI Coupon
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[25% Off] Powershell : Create a desktop application GUI Course Coupon

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Duration: 4.0 hours

Develop a standalone application Tool using Powershell

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I don't know JAVA,
I don't know VB scripting ,
I don't know any development languages
I cannot buy any third party application for development
I am not a programmer


YET I need to create a desktop application..

Can I? Answer is a BIG YESSSS .. You just need to have Powershell basics in mind....

C'mon , let us start...from SCRATCH....

What we cover :-

1. Create forms using powershell.

2. Create textboxes , dropdownboxes, buttons, datagridviews using powershell.

3. A mail configuration Tool

4. Create Menustrip

5. Explain the below functionalities used in the Server Checker Tool like

1. SQL Server Running Status

2. D drive Free space

3. C drive Free space

4. Check ping status of servers

5. Check jobs in this server

6. Last Reboot Time of the server(s)

7. SysAdmins of SQL server in server(s)

8. Portnumber of instances in this server

9. Local Admins of server(s)

6. Converting the script to an executable standalone desktop application.

7. How the Server Status Checker application is made using the above features of powershell.

Doubt clearance support over email.

Optional videos from my other Udemy Course that are relevant for understanding this video like the below videos.

- How to set up a personnel Lab
- Basic powershell videos describing if-else, foreach etc loops that are required for this course.
- sendmail functionality

Multiple Quizzes and Assignments along side.

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