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Powerful Excel Gantt charts -Effortless Project Management ! Coupon
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[100% Off] Powerful Excel Gantt charts -Effortless Project Management ! Free Course Coupon

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Excel Gantt charts in Minutes.Use Gantt chart Excel templates and Tracking system.

2.0 hr
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Project management is like juggling many balls at a time. One needs to develop skills to manage different tasks and various task dependencies , material , people , funds and information. The moment you miss a ball or a dead line , entire project may go haywire with some serious repercussions. Not just Project managers but people from all walks of life are using Gantt charts to plan,organize , monitor and deliver projects on time. So if you want to learn how to prepare different types of Gantt charts , how to use them effectively and how to efficiently track and manage a project ,all with the help of Excel Charts, you have come to the right place. Gantt charts are beneficial for easily scheduling tasks,easy understanding, clear and visual representation of timelines and ease of adding dependencies . It immensely helps to have a pictorial or visual representation of project schedule. And , it is when Gantt charts come in to picture. Where Dynamic Excel Gantt charts can be used - Excel gantt charts are immensely helpful for managing simple and straight forward projects. You can use it along with MSP or Primavera ,for creating further break up of activities. You can easily use excel gantt charts if you don't have any costly Project Management softwares. You can use various techniques to present critical information in a far better manner. It uses tremendous capabilities and versatility of Excel. Gantt charts and Timelines are prepared using Simple excel charts, without any codes or macros. So Even with basic knowledge of Excel, you will be able to use it successfully for simple projects. Excel Gantt charts is a creative way of showing information for much improved visualization and communication. You can easily focus important activities and prioritize them at any point of time. You can channelize your efforts and resources in an organized manner. It's great tool for planning, scheduling , monitoring and delivering projects. Ideal student for this course - Ideal student for this course is the one who works with the task lists or activities on regular basis. Moreover not just Project managers but people from all walks of life are using Gantt charts to plan, organize, monitor and deliver projects on time. At the end of the course you will learn following things – 1) Create Gantt chart in Minutes. 2) Prepare stunning Timelines and Events. 3) Prepare Planned Vs Actual % completion bars. 3) Excel Gantt chart Dashboard with slicers and Timelines. 4) A simple system to track , monitor, record and manage simple projects. 5) Many editable excel templates. What are primary requirements if you wish to undertake this course ? All You need is basic knowledge of excel , willingness to learn new things and an open mind. Basic idea behind the course is the application of project management tool in day to day life. All the lectures are adequately supported by resources in the form of PDFs and Editable Excel templates.
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