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Power BI DAX Practice Test and Solutions Coupon
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[25% Off] Power BI DAX Practice Test and Solutions Course Coupon

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Improve your DAX Skills by analysing Sales Data using the Adventure Works Database.

1.0 hr
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Legend says if you can't write DAX then you don't know Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI uses the scripting language Data Analysis Expressions DAX to build custom tables, calculated columns, and measurements.

It is a set of operators, constants, and functions that can be included in a formula or expression to compute and output one or more values.

In this Practice Test, you will be using the Adventure Works Database.

The AdventureWorks Database is the source of information for Adventure Works Cycles, a made-up international manufacturing firm.

Before taking this test, ensure you know:

  • How to connect to a Data Source

  • Model a Data Relationship

  • Familiar with DAX Functions and Expressions

The Practice Test is going to cover :

  • Aggregation Functions

  • Iterator Functions

  • Filter Functions

  • Conditional Functions

  • Logical Functions

  • Date and Time Functions

  • Statistical Functions

  • Time Intelligence Functions


  1. The link to the database will be given on the test page. If you encounter any problem downloading the database from the link, please feel free to drop me a message.

  2. You are going to load five tables,  from the database:

    1. Calendar Table

    2. Customers Table

    3. Products Table

    4. Territories Table

    5. Sales Table

  3. Ensure your Data Modelling is right by defining the right relationships.

  4. Join the Calendar, Customers, Products and Territories Lookup Tables to the Sales Data Table.

    1. Join Products Table to Sales Table using the ProductKey Column in both Tables.

    2. Join Customers Table to Sales Table using the CustomerKey Column in both Tables.

    3. Join Territories Table using the  TerritoryKey Column to Sales Table using the SalesTerritoryKey

    4. Join the Calendar Table using the Date column to the Sales Table using the OrderDate column

  5. Please take your time to study the database, the columns in the database are self-explanatory.

  6. Some questions might have different ways of solving, provided your answer is correct don't worry. You can still compare with my solution.

  7. If you can't solve a question skip it and come back to it later.

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