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Postman Masterclass and REST API Testing Coupon
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[25% Off] Postman Masterclass and REST API Testing Course Coupon

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Learn how to manage your APIs using Postman , learn the basics of REST APIs and APIs Testing

6.5 hr
15$ 19.99$
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In the current software development, environment REST APIs are the most basic way of sending data from your server to your client devices such as Mobiles, laptops, and even IoT devices. Therefore, gaining knowledge on how to use the REST APIs is crucial for being a software engineer. Postman not only serves as a client to send API requests to your server but also provides many additional features such as testing of the APIs, creating a mock server, and also be used as a Proxy server.

This course is intended for application engineers in the development cycle ie: Front-end, back-end developers, and Quality assurance team.

What's Covered?

In this course, I will be covering the most important aspects of Postman and teaching from the perspective of a developer. We start off by learning the basics of REST API, how the REST APIs are developed, designing the API using the OpenAPI spec. Being a full-stack developer, I try to explain the issues that I face when doing the development as a front-end such as mocking of the APIs before the backend service is ready as well as problems faced by back-end engineers such as maintaining the version of the REST API. I also cover the essentials of API testing and take up examples of various scenarios that need to be tested to ensure a smooth functioning backend.

I have created a dummy backend application in NodeJS which we will be using as our backend to test the application. Using this we will be able to simulate real-world scenarios and how to deal with them.  If you don't have knowledge of NodeJS don't worry as I have guided you on how to be set up the same.

Hope you enjoy the course and find it useful.

Thank you.


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