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PMP Practice Tests for Beginner | Matches PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep | SELF-MASTER YOUR KNOWLEDGE ABOUT PMP & PMP EXAM

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Let's start with the big question: Why has the PMP exam become so complicated?

Everywhere in the world, you can see people are always interested in PMP certification. Recruiting for top management positions always requires PMP certification. PMP training classes are available everywhere, from online to offline... PMI announced that, to date, there are more than 1.4 million PMP certification holders.

Is it big enough? You can estimate that the total number of people who have put effort into PMP (including studying or taking the exam) is probably four times larger than the above.

That means out of 4 people, up to 3 may have given up midway or failed the PMP exam. This is common in any training environment.

Below are some of the mistakes that lead to the above results and how you can prevent them with this course.

  • Mistake #1: Not viewing the process of preparing and passing the PMP exam as a project with a specific goal.

    It sounds obvious when you want to achieve success with your professional project management certification, but you don't consider the whole process a project, and you fail.

    Correct path:

    1. Set specific results and goals for it; for example, pass the PMP exam on the first try.

    2. Set yourself a start and end time: A survey of hundreds of PMP certificate holders shows that the time needed to study to pass the PMP exam can be up to hundreds of hours.

    3. You need to complete the "PMP project" with the correct results and goals and within the schedule. This will help you commit to yourself and increase your motivation to study.

  • Mistake #2: Choosing a study method unsuitable for you.

    There are many methods of PMP study, such as online courses, offline classes, one-on-one learning,... The content is presented quite quickly, then immediately comes the practices. Many people feel like they can't answer the question correctly and give up halfway through.

    Correct path:

    1. Maybe you don't realize many people can study PMP 100% independently without a mentor or instructor.

    2. Regardless of any form of training, "self-study" is the factor that makes the difference between those who have completed the journey and those who have given up.

    3. This course is built to help you better self-study PMP.

  • Mistake #3: Not choosing the right and enough materials to prepare for the PMP exam.

    It sounds silly, but this is the most serious mistake. It causes you to lose time because of studying and practicing the wrong method and money because you will bring that false knowledge into the exam room and fail.

    Correct path:

    1. Follow what PMI recommends for the PMP exam, including standards, guidelines, references, etc.

    2. If you come across any additional documentation that says PMI is wrong, put it aside. Let's be clear: you are taking an exam organized by PMI.

    3. My courses are built closely according to "PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep." There's nothing better than having PMP exam preparation from what PMI releases.

  • Mistake #4: Using outdated references.

    You may meet a project manager who has had a PMP certification since 1984 and is still doing his job well in 2023. Or you have multiple people confirm that PMBOK 7th is nothing more than PMBOK 6th plus a little more Agile.

    Regarding knowledge, it is excellent that there is always a connection throughout PMI's development journey towards PMP certification.

    However, that is not true for the exam over the years. A Sichuan hot pot should never be made by simultaneously pouring all the spices and ingredients into a pot of boiling water. Just like the exam in 2023 cannot go smoothly if you still use the mindset from 2017 plus "a little Agile."

    Correct path:

    It must comply with the organization's strategy as a project, which is how PMI wants you to aim. You may fail the exam or not achieve the expected results because you deviate from PMI's strategy.


II.1- The PMP 2023 Exam

The PMP exam includes content that spans the value delivery spectrum, including predictive, adaptive, and hybrid approaches. It is based on Exam Content Outline (ECO), revised every 4 or 5 years by PMI.

Most recently, the ECO has been updated since January 2021. Accordingly, the exam has been tested on three different domains:

  • People (42%)

  • Process (50%)

  • Business Environment (8%)

The PMP exam was updated in 2021 with ECO to reflect the fuller complement of skills and approaches found in our dynamic and global profession. However, this update does not happen immediately. Instead, it includes changes planned to last from 2021 to early 2023, which have stabilized.

II.2- The PMP 2023 Exam Reference List (Important)

PMI recommends a list of the ten most used books as sources cited as part of exam question development.

By experience, 6 of them are not necessary for your exam preparation because their essential content is already in the remaining four books that you must have, including:

  • ECO

    The Exam Content Outline is the framework all questions and exam preparation materials must follow.

  • PMBOK Guide 7th Edition

    PMBOK 7th Edition is a comprehensive book of standard knowledge (Standard) and guide (Guide) on project management. It can be said that PMBOK is very important and is a central learning material, but it alone is not enough to cover the PMP 2023 exam.

  • The Agile Practice Guide

    The Agile Practice Guide is a document compiled by PMI and the Agile Alliance that provides practical guidelines for agile project planning and implementation. With the new PMP exam having about 50% of the content related to Agile or Hybrid, this is the material you need to read to learn the Agile-related knowledge in the scope of the PMP exam.

  • Process Groups: A Practice Guide

    This newly released book 2023 of PMI is an essential supplementary document to help students shape the process part in project management (accounting for 50% of the current PMP exam content) with concise, focused, and easy-to-understand writing.

II.3- PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep

Official document for PMP exam preparation, compiled and exclusively distributed by PMI.

It includes six lessons that strictly comply with ECO 2021, distilling essential knowledge from PMBOK Guide 7th Edition, The Agile Practice Guide, and Process Groups: A Practice Guide, including:

  • Lesson 1: Business Environment

  • Lesson 2: Start the Project

  • Lesson 3: Plan the Project

  • Lesson 4: Lead the Project Team

  • Lesson 5: Support Project Team Performance

  • Lesson 6: Close the Project/Phase


III.1- What does this course offer?

This course uses the above references to build the most relevant practices in a focused and consistent manner.

  • The questions and answers are arranged and compiled according to PMI Authorized PMP Exam Prep.

  • About 1000+ practice questions to master your knowledge.

  • Guidelines for reading PMI publications in detail correspond to each lesson's practice questions.

  • Questions and Answers are organized following the latest PMI publications - easy to grasp for anyone.

  • Questions are grouped according to each lesson; at a more detailed level, they are hinted at each important topic of each lesson.

  • The content is carefully vetted to be entirely suitable for anyone, including those just starting their PMP journey.

  • The explanation is thoroughly reviewed and audited by PMP certificate holders.

III.2- Who is this course for?

  • You have just started your PMP study journey and want to be certified. This course is best designed for beginners.

  • At any point during the preparation process for the PMP exam, you feel less confident about your knowledge.

  • Anyone who wants to self-study or has studied but wants to refer to different sources to master project management knowledge according to PMI's standardized PMP exam.

  • Anyone who wants to access project management knowledge according to PMI's standardized PMP exam.

III.3- Where to get more support?

After enrolling in this course, you can convey questions through the course Q&A or Direct Message for a respectfully prompt response.

Every great success starts with the seemingly most straightforward preparations. A proper study path combined with practice is the most effective way to be your best for the exam.


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