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PMP Exam essential concepts;Exam Mindset;Agile vs. Waterfall Coupon

[25% Off] PMP Exam essential concepts;Exam Mindset;Agile vs. Waterfall Course Coupon

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Essential differences between Agile & Waterfall in all 10 PMP knowledge areas; Develop right mindset, Expedite PMP prep

1.0 hr
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This course is indispensable to your PMP Exam learning and the reason for that it that it helps you develop the mindset needed to crack the PMP exam in its current form. The designers of the PMP exam are testing people on their ability to differentiate between Agile, Waterfall and Hybrid projects and how the various elements of project management shift when we move from a waterfall to an Agile world.

More and more companies are moving to agile and hence PMI had adapted their exam in the same direction. Having said, that waterfall isn't going anywhere but more so we are going to see projects that make the shift to becoming more adaptive.

Hence, the testing syllabus has an extreme focus on you understanding this critical difference.

Why this course?

In just a span of 1 hour of this course, you will have expedited your PMP exam understanding multi-fold because of the concepts covered in this course.

This course has proven useful for all those PMP exam aspirants who have struggled with the massive PMP exam content. It has propelled their learning to a higher understanding of the PMP exam and thus, resulted in exam success. It's not about knowing everything, it's about knowing the right things.

This course enables you to understand all the 10 PMP knowledge areas and how agile project management techniques are applied to them. Many people think agile eliminates a lot of techniques that we use in waterfall. Agree that some waterfall practices may find little relevance in the world we live in now but all elements that made a difference to a project in waterfall are applied in agile and they aren't going to go anywhere.

By taking this course, you would have expedited your PMP exam prep learning while not compromising on the knowledge needed to crack the exam. Infact, you'd have an elevated understanding of the exam content that'll help you succeed while tackling hard questions in the PMP exam.

This course contains all PMP knowledge areas listed below:

  • Project Integration Management.

  • Project Scope Management.

  • Project Schedule Management.

  • Project Cost Management.

  • Project Quality Management.

  • Project Resource Management.

  • Project Communications Management.

  • Project Risk Management

  • Project Procurement Management

  • Project Risk Management

By the end of this course, you would have:

  • Developed a strong understanding of differences between Agile vs Waterfall

  • Know when and where which framework can be applied and how

  • Developed the mindset needed to succeed in the PMP exam in the 1st try

  • Solidified core concepts that will make a massive difference in the PMP exam

  • Not wasted your time on resources that don't show the broader picture

  • Expedited your PMP exam prep process by at least a couple of days

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