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PMBOK 7th edition training; Latest changes in PMBOK 7 & more Coupon

[25% Off] PMBOK 7th edition training; Latest changes in PMBOK 7 & more Course Coupon

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Everything that you need to understand about the PMBOK 7 for your PMP exam Prep | Course for PMP exam certification

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In this PMBOK 7th edition course, I teach you all that you need to understand from the PMBOK about the PMP certification exam. This course has been designed to give you a quick download of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – 7th Edition content. Hence, the PMBOK 7th edition cannot be ignored anymore and must be studied for PMP exam prep in addition to the other reference books such as the PMBOK 6th edition and the Agile Practice Guide.

This PMP exam prep course is useful and will cover all the critical chapters and information required from the PMBOK 7th edition for the PMP exam. So, think of this course as another armor in your PMP exam prep arsenal.

The PMP online exam is based on the PMP Exam content outline (also called PMP Exam ECO) which serves as the syllabus for the certification exam. If you’re using the PMBOK 7 PDF or the physical copy for the book, this is a course that will speed up your PMP exam prep for the PMBOK 7 areas of the PMP certification exam. Using this course, you’ll speed up your PMP exam study and waste less time going through other resources.

Common questions about the PMP certification exam and the PMBOK 7 training course.

Is the PMP exam based on PMBOK 7th edition?

Yes, the PMP exam is based on the PMBOK 7th edition plus other PMP books such as the PMBOK 6 and Agile Practice Guide.

Is the PMBOK 7th edition released?

Yes, the PMBOK 7th edition was released on August 1st, 2021.

What are the PMBOK 7th edition changes?

In the new PMBOK 7th edition version, there has been a shift from process-based project management to principle-based project delivery. 8 performance domains and 12 principles have been introduced in the PMBOK 7th edition.

What is the difference between PMBOK 6 edition vs PMBOK 7th edition?

The PMBOK 6th edition contained 10 knowledge areas and 5 process groups. That has been replaced in the PMBOK 7 with 8 performance domains and 12 principles. The standards for project management which used to feature at the end of the PMBOK 6 has been moved to the beginning of this new PMBOK version. An additional separate sections on tools has also been introduced in this version. The length of the PMBOK 7 has been shortened and is now roughly 1/5th the size of its 6th edition predecessor.

What will this PMBOK 7 training course cover?

This PMBOK 7 training course will cover the 12 principles and the 8 performance domains. Additional materials and details will be added to this course as there is more clarity from PMI about what parts of the PMBOK 7 will be used for PMP test questions.

Is the PMBOK 7 also available to buy?

Yes, the PMBOK 7th edition can be bought from Amazon for around $40. If you're looking for the PMBOK 7 PDF version, then you will get that from PMI when you sign up for the PMI membership.

How does the PMBOK 7th edition impact your preparation if you are already midway?

Few new concepts have been introduced in the PMBOK 7th edition. There is also some repetition of content from the PMBOK 6 in the 7th edition and the way in which the content is presented has also changed. If you're already gone through PMBOK 6 training or read the book, you can just read the PMBOK once. It's 1/5 the size of the PMBOK 6 so you can read this book much faster than the PMBOK 6.

Can I start with this PMBOK 7 online course before taking other courses?

Completely. In fact since this course is based on the PMBOK 7th edition book, it's more condensed than the 6th edition course. Starting with this course is a better idea since 6th edition courses can be fairly lengthy (35-40 hours) and you might lose motivation along the way. This course will set the stage for going through the content from the PMBOK 6. Some people with project management experience who may not want to read the PMBOK 6 will also benefit from this PMBOK 7 course to expedite their PMP exam prep strategy.

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