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Play Two Octave C Scale on Piano with Both Hands at 200 bpm Coupon

[50% Off] Play Two Octave C Scale on Piano with Both Hands at 200 bpm Course Coupon

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Learn the "Airplane Pattern" that Gives You Speed and Accuracy

1.5 hr
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Are you having trouble coordinating your two hands when playing scales up and down two octaves on the piano or keyboard? This method will fix that for you once and for all.

In this course you will learn a simple pattern that coordinates both hands at the same time so that playing with two hands becomes as easy as playing with one hand.

  • Before you even touch the keys, you learn the "Airplane Pattern"

  • Then, you apply this pattern to the C Major scale using the white keys only

  • Practice that with a metronome until you feel very comfortable with the pattern

  • Finally, apply the same exact pattern to the G, D, A, and E Major Scales.

  • Amaze your friends with how quickly you learned these 5 scales and how fast you can play them!

This course is for: 

  • Beginners who want to advance rapidly.

  • Piano students who want to practice less and learn more

  • Anyone who wants to sharpen their skills with these 5 scales.

The promise of this course:

  1. You will play the C Major Scale with both hands up and down two octaves at 200 bpm with confidence and accuracy.

  2. If you choose to apply this to the G, D, A, and E Major scales, you will play those the same way! Instructions for using this pattern on these four other major scales are also included in this course.

What makes this course different?

This technique is designed to have you playing 2 hand scales much more quickly than with ordinary methods.

The usual way is to practice with the right hand, then with the left. You get both solid, then put them together. It sounds good in theory, but if you've tried it and failed, you know it is not automatic for both hands to stay on track. It's fine playing one hand at a time, but when you put them together, well, both hands can get derailed pretty quickly.  What a mess those scales turn into!

The "Airplane Method" takes a completely different approach.

Instead of learning each hand separately, you play the scales with both hands as one single activity.  It's so much easier to master this way.  Instead of trying to think of what each hand is supposed to be doing, you have only one thing to think about.  This allows you to develop muscle memory much more quickly because you spend less time making mistakes and more time developing your speed.

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