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Piano lessons for beginners with a world class pianist. Coupon

[71% Off] Piano lessons for beginners with a world class pianist. Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

Learn how to seriously play piano with an experienced master degree piano teacher and international concert pianist.

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I started to play piano aged 1 with my father, teaching piano at 16 and do international concerts at 24. Now in 2021 I am 38 so this will be 37 years that I play piano every day, will make me 22 years teaching experience and 14 years serious concert experience. I actually did a break between 5 when I took my first few piano lessons and 13 when I started again alone. I did my Master degree in Brussels. My father plays piano very well and my great grand-father was a famous belgian composer.

With these lessons I want to share all my knowledge about piano and help you being able to play nice music you always dreamed to play. I will start from the beginning leading you trough every step and telling you what to do and how so you just have to let you lead and apply what I say, be relaxed, practice, be patient and you will see in some years you will thank me.

I live in Zurich and have 40 students from all ages and all level coming to my piano salon for piano lessons. You can check my websites or social medias and read some nice references students wrote about my lessons. Check my youtube for more videos of my concerts and other.

Hope you will enjoy, be patient and practice is the key.


Sebastien Dupuis

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