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Duration: 1.0 hours

Learn all of the fundamentals of Photoshop from the ground up.

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Course Features:

  • All videos have English subtitles available.

  • Teaches all of the useful parts of Photoshop that you will most likely use

  • 5 Case-Studies to demonstrate real-world Photoshop applications

  • All videos are short and concise

  • The course is only an hour long!

  • All videos and course materials are available for download

You will learn all of the useful features of Photoshop in one hour and will be able to use it independently after that.

This course is tailored to students who have little to no experience with Photoshop. You will learn all of the fundamentals of Photoshop from the ground up.

Photoshop is a MASSIVE piece of software. This course focuses on tools that you will almost certainly use in your everyday life! We are not going to teach you things that you will never use.

This course will teach you the following:

  • Use filters and image adjustments to enhance your photos.

  • Crop, resize, flip, skew, warp, rotate, and other common operations

  • Design posters, flyers, and logos, among other things.

  • Create Web Banner Ads, Designs for Youtube, Facebook advertisement, and Facebook cover page.

  • Create beautiful text and typography images.

  • Remove skin flaws and hide details.

  • Experiment with different fonts, brushes, and shapes.

  • Understand the differences between JPG, PNG, and GIF files, as well as how to properly save images for print and digital distribution.

  • Numerous tips are provided throughout the course

  • And much more!

What Makes This Course DIFFERENT from other courses:

  • This course is designed to teach you Photoshop fundamentals in a concise manner, and it only takes an hour!

  • Despite the fact that the course is only one hour long, it covers all of the Photoshop ESSENTIALS in a completely beginner-friendly manner. This is accomplished by carefully crafting the course content and refraining from bombarding you with irrelevant topics and words.

Who this course is for:

Beginners who want to learn how to use Photoshop for practical purposes should take this course.

Who this Course Isn't For:

  • This Course does not cover 3D modeling or Photoshop animation.

  • If you've been using Photoshop for a while and want to learn more advanced topics, this course isn't for you. It's designed for people who are just getting started with Photoshop and want to learn more.

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