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Philosophy of Logic: A Conceptual Interpretation Coupon
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[-10% Off] Philosophy of Logic: A Conceptual Interpretation Course Coupon

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Logic, reasoning and logical fallacies like ad hominem, misuse of political correctness, and creating our own blindspots

7.0 hr
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This course will help you think more clearly through many of life's dilemmas and difficult situations.

Some logical fallacies you might be familiar with are:

Ad hominem, begging the question, red herring fallacy, hasty generalization, false dichotomy, slippery slope fallacy, tu quoque, appeal to authority, and false dilemma.

We will focus on these issues and a number of other issues throughout the course, and mainly finding inconsistencies of how we understand the world, situation, and how those inconsistencies and errors have an impact on our decisions in regard to our lives.

This course gives an introduction to the Philosophy of (Western) Religion and can be studied by those who have never studied Philosophy before. It focuses on the God of the Abrahamic religions - that is the God of Christianity, Judaism and Islam  how he might be defined and how his existence might be argued for. It does not cover any Eastern religions. It will appeal to those who are simply interested in the topic; those teaching the topic who want fresh ideas on how to explain the Philosophy of Religion, or those wanting to take an A level qualification in Philosophy.

Understanding what is Philosophy is considered difficult.

Because of its time span: 2400 years.

Because of the hundreds of authors.

Because of difficult theories, to quote only some common reasons.

Nevertheless, the Western world is rooted in Philosophy.

The Ancient Greeks started a completely new and revolutionary way of thinking.

The Myths were replaced by observation and reason.

These new tools offered a new explanation of Nature, of the world and of our place within it.

They provided a method to understand reality.

This course will guide you through the origin of Philosophy and its most important developments.

The second part of this course will be dedicated to the philosophy in practice.

This course intends to initiate the young student to the great thinkers of our culture while offering a starting point to all those who are interested in Philosophy for their own information and cultural interest.

I just want you to start a great and exciting journey which could satisfy a curiosity at first but which could become a lifelong research and discovery, as it happened to myself.

We stand on the shoulders of giants means simply that you need to know those giants of the Western world, explore their thinking and enrich yourself of their dreams, efforts and their thinking. Here I am offering you a ladder to claim on their shoulders!

As you know, I cannot climb the ladder for you: you have to walk the path yourself. What I am offering you is your first step: watch the course and then carry on.

You will love it. I will provide here the stimuli, the ingredients for you to cook a great piece of information on how to understand the world and ourselves.

So, order your course  Philosophy of logic now!

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