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Duration: 1.5 hours

Simple and Quick Guide to the Fundamental Concepts and Necessary Mindset to Achieve Financial Success

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Ever wondered why lottery winners end up losing all their money? They surely had the capital to invest and enough money to hire a good Wealth Manager. Or how seemingly average people with average jobs retire rich or even pay for their children’s college tuition?

Ever wondered why your flashy colleague struggles with college tuition? Or your senior, who drives a luxury car, struggles with house mortgage? Also wonder why trust fund kids are restricted by their own parents? Since they grew up around money, shouldn't they be good with managing money?

As money has more to do with psychology rather than hard skills, unlike others, this course is provides practical perspective with simplified explanation of financial concepts along side behavioural economics

This is prepared to help you develop the mindset necessary to achieve financial success.

Unlike most of the courses or books on getting rich, this course does not jump to investment.

Rather the course focuses on everything that you need to know to reach the point when you have enough money to invest.

Yes, everyone plans to invest and save but most of us fail even before reaching the nearest bank.

Nobody plans to fail, but they usually fail to either make a plan or stick to the plan. And this course helps with both!

Course Image by Brittany Bendabout on Unsplash

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