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Personal Finance 101 for Busy Moms Coupon
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[40% Off] Personal Finance 101 for Busy Moms Course Coupon

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A Step-by-Step Process to Master Your Finances & Teach Your Kids Healthy Money Habits & Beliefs

3.0 hr
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Personal Finance Isn't Just About the Numbers, But About the Psychology Behind the Numbers

You can read all the books in the world, take all the classes, and know all the “right” things to do. But if your mindset is standing in your way, all that knowledge won’t help.

Sometimes it’s hard to even know when your mindset might be a problem.

When it comes to making better decisions for yourself and your family, it can be so hard to get on track and stay on track. Trust me, I know.

But after spending more than 15 years learning and researching about personal finance, I realized that most people overcomplicate things and then get stuck.

The TRUTH is... You Only Need a Few Elements for Real, LASTING Change

Finances don't have to be complicated.

There are just a handful of things you need to focus on… and once you have those handled, your entire financial life will snap into focus and everything becomes a lot easier, more peaceful, and more fun.

But you have to address both the financial and psychological aspects of the puzzle.

That’s why this course focuses on giving you a rock solid foundation to achieve financial security for you and your family. We’ll talk about:

  • How to root out any disempowering money beliefs you didn’t even know you had

  • Why you’ll never reach financial security until you get your mindset fixed

  • Why every parent, not just the rich, needs a Legacy Plan and how to build one on the cheap

  • The simple action you can take now to have your children retire as millionaires

There are even a whole host of bonus lessons where you will learn:

  • The tax hack that can supercharge your path to financial security, if you and your family are adventurous

  • How a side hustle can lead to over $500K in new income over three years

  • 10 specific side hustles you can start today

  • How to get your kids into an entrepreneurial mindset early

  • Why it makes good business sense to hire your own kids

  • The mechanics of building and protecting your child’s credit from the day they are born

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