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PD1-001 CompTIA PDI + Beta Certified Practice Exam- 1 Coupon
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Sample Questions:

During the printing ink dispersion purge phase:

head and nozzle are cleaned.

print file is deleted from the queue.

excess paint from the printed image is deleted.

The media are ejected from the feed channel.


Which of the following revisions of the component toner / bonus in print media?

laser unit

Assembly position

power supply high voltage

combining installation


A technician working on a device laser / LED. Leaving the media device is normal, but the toner can be washed off the page. Which of the following is likely the cause of this problem?

Fusing Assembly

Toner Cartridge / nutrition

power supply voltage low

emitting laser


Laser / LED unit:

a beam creates the latent image to the photo conductor occurs.

a positive charge is created on the transfer unit.

It scans the original document.

Transmits a negative charge on the toner cartridge.


Computers and B are connected to the network printing device. A computer constantly receives printing errors, and Team B normally prints. Which of the following is the next step in diagnosing this problem?

Check both computers to see if you are using the same printer driver.

Check the network settings on two computers.

Check the network settings of the printer.

Check the print queue of the network device.


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