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PCEP 30-02 - Python Certification Exam Practice Tests Coupon
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[25% Off] PCEP 30-02 - Python Certification Exam Practice Tests Course Coupon

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Take the PCEP exam with confidence and get your Python certification!

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Welcome to my PCEP 30-02 - Python Certification Exam Practice Tests course.

This course includes six practice tests, with 300 unique questions, that will help you pass the PCEP (Certified Entry level Python programmer) certification exam, and with which you can test your fundamental knowledge of the Python programming language.

I am a certified PCEP and PCAP developer. You can verify my credentials with the codes below, on the OpenEDG certificate verification page:

PCEP code: HT2j.kCnH.78zb

PCAP code: jWpO.aH6Q.TzY7

Course highlights

  • The tests cover all topics from the PCEP 30-02 and 30-01 certification exams

  • Each question is accompanied by a detailed explanation of the answer

  • In the explanations, the "Try the code in your favorite Python IDE" section allows you to freely test the question code

  • You can download the code for all questions (you will find the download link on the description page introducing each test)

  • Each question has a unique identifier code

Practice tests information

  • Number of tests: 6

  • Number of questions per test: 50 (300 unique questions in total)

  • Duration: 65 minutes per test

  • Minimum score to pass a test: 70%

PCEP: certification Information

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Python is simple, cross-platform, and open source. It is used in every industrial and scientific field and represents a great job and career opportunity.

PCEP is a certification from the Python Institute. It's a professional credential attesting to knowledge of the fundamental elements of Python programming.

The PCEP certification is an essential first step in starting your career as a professional Python programmer.

PCEP: exam Information

  • Exam name: PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

  • Exam Code: PCEP-30-02

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Validity: Lifetime

  • Duration: 40 minutes

  • Number of Questions: 30

  • Python version: 3.x

  • Passing Score: 70%

  • Languages: English, Spanish

  • Full Exam Price: USD 59

  • Delivery Channel: OpenEDG Testing Service

PCEP: topics of the exam

  • Computer Programming and Python Fundamentals - (18%)

  • Control Flow - Conditional Blocks and Loops - (29%)

  • Data Collections - Tuples, Dictionaries, Lists, and Strings - (25%)

  • Functions and Exceptions - (28%)

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