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Outsourcing + Google Tools + Tripling Productivity Tactics Coupon
Personal Development

[-0% Off] Outsourcing + Google Tools + Tripling Productivity Tactics Course Coupon

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Reveals all the proven strategies to level up your productivity & power of delegation for Solopreneurs + G-tools.

3.5 hr
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Increasing your productivity by three times, whether at home or at work, has many benefits.

Every aspect of your life will benefit from improved productivity.

This anxiety and depression can be alleviated by doubling productivity. As a result, not only can you gain more, but your mental health will improve as well.

This video course shows all of the tried-and-true methods for increasing productivity.

You'll learn time management secrets, how to build an atmosphere that 'forces you to be efficient, the power of delegation, outsourcing, and effective strategies to get things done... and much more!

A solopreneur is an entrepreneur who runs their own business. Typically from the comfort of your own house. Usually, it's done via the internet.

You'll learn the skills, techniques, and tactics to become a highly effective solopreneur in this course!

Section 1: Outsourcing and Hiring Virtual Staff

  • Hiring Prominent Team Members

  • Review of OnlineJobs.PH, VirtualWorkers, Upwork & Fiverr

  • Outsourcing Jobs Affordably

  • Managing Your Virtual Team & Project Management

Section 2: Becoming Productive w/ Google Tools

  • Training A-Team with Google Classroom

  • Voice Typing with Google Docs

  • Video Transcribing with YouTube

  • G-Mail Internal and External Hacking

  • Increased Collaboration with Google Calendar

  • Offline Use of Google Docs

  • Real-Time Collaboration with Google Docs

  • Collecting and Collaborating with Google Forms

  • Managing Tasks and Projects with Google Keep

  • Collaborating with Google Hangouts

  • Hangout Hack with YouTube Live

  • Increased Communications with Google Voice

Section 3: Peak Productivity

  • Creating the Right Environment for Productivity

  • Developing a Productive Mindset

  • Time Management Strategies - The Key to a Productive Day

  • Declutter Your Life

  • Healthy Routines for Greater Productivity

  • Recognize What’s Important

  • Delegate, Outsource and Utilize Tools

  • Increasing Productivity at Home

Section 4: The Productive Solopreneur

  • Can Smart Drugs and Nootropics Help You to Work Harder and Longer?

  • Closing Open Loops And How To Stop Thinking About Work

  • Digital Minimalism

  • Doing it All Yourself Versus Outsourcing

  • How a Change of Scene Can Provide a Cognitive Refresh

  • How to fully turn off from work for the evening

  • How to Get Into a Flow State for Ultimate Productivity

  • How to Navigate the Highs and Lows as a Solopreneur

  • How to Use To-do Lists and Other External Tools

  • How to Work Productively on a Sleep Deficit

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