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Organic Farming : Become a profitable Natural Farmer Coupon
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[25% Off] Organic Farming : Become a profitable Natural Farmer Course Coupon

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Become a master in Zero Budget Natural Farming

1.0 hr
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Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZNBF) or Organic Farming means raising crops without using fertilizers, pesticides, or other external materials. The word Zero Budget refers to the zero cost of production of all crops. ZBNF guides the farmers towards sustainable farming practices thus helping in retaining soil fertility, ensuring chemical-free agriculture, and ensuring low cost of production (zero cost) and thereby enhancing the farmer's income.

In short, ZBNF is a farming method that believes in growing crops in tune with nature.

The concept was promoted by agriculturist & Padma Shri awardee SubhashPalekar in the mid-1990s as an alternative to the Green Revolution’s methods driven by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and intensive irrigation.

The government has been promoting organic farming under the dedicated scheme of ParamparagatKrishiVikas Yojana (PKVY) which encourages all kinds of chemical-free farming systems including Zero Budget Natural Farming.

  • Maintaining and increasing the long-term soil fertility

  • Minimize all forms of pollution

  • Encourage and enhance biological cycles

  • Livestock to live in their basic condition of life

  • Constructive and life-enhancing

  • Farmer should process organic products

In this course, you learn the basics of organic farming and how to implement it in your fields. Organic farming is going to be the next big revolution in the field of farming as health and well-being will take priority for people and governments.

So are you ready to take yourself to the level ? 

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