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Organic Chemistry I : A Beginner's Guide (Part 1) Coupon
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[75% Off] Organic Chemistry I : A Beginner's Guide (Part 1) Course Coupon

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The simplest way to understand organic chemistry

2.5 hr
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Welcome to this course 'Organic Chemistry I : A Beginner's Guide'. This course is the first part in my course series of Fundamentals of organic chemistry, where you will learn the basics needed in organic chemistry and later in medicinal chemistry or also known as therapeutic chemistry. This course tackles three lectures only. The first lecture contains the following ideas: Introduction to the atom and subatomic particles, bond formation by hybridization (sp2 and sp3 only) and overlapping, resonance structures and inductive effect. The second lecture is about alkanes, where you will learn about alkane’s uses, IUPAC naming of alkanes and haloalkanes, synthesis of alkanes, their physical properties, and the reactions they usually do with other compounds and their respective mechanisms. And finally, the third lecture is about stereochemistry where you will learn all you need from scratch. You will learn about chirality and how to detect it, with S, R notation. You will learn how bonds are oriented in space, how to know dextro and levo with the polarized light, how to draw and analyze Sawhorse and Newman conformations in space with their energy, and how to differentiate between an Enantiomer and diastereomers in space. Also to more understand the concepts here, some exercises where added in the lectures for you to do and that is to increase your understanding of the concepts.

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