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OracleAppsTechnical Coupon
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[25% Off] OracleAppsTechnical Course Coupon

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Oracle Apps SCM And Finance Technical

41.5 hr
15$ 19.99$
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Oracle Apps SCM And Finance Technical

Ricew-Reports ,Interfaces,Conversions,Extensions,Workflow.


· Procure To pay(P2P)

· Order to cash(O2C)

· Internal Sales order

· Drop shipment

· Back to back order

· Oracle projects Billing and Costing flow and its integration with payables receivables inventory and purchasing

Reporting Tools

· Oracle XML Publisher/BI Publisher

· Oracle Discoverer

· D2k Reports(RDF Reports)

· SQL Reports

· PLSQL Reports

Oracle applications Alerts, Multi Org, MOAC,TCA Architecture,11i vs R12 Differences.

AOL(Application Object Library)

· Application Developer

· System Administrator

AIM documentation

Oracle Workflow and Approval Management Engine(AME)

Unix Shell Scripting

Interfaces And conversions



Oracle Forms Personalization's Tasks

  1. ZOOM

  2. calling the report

  3. Disable the button

  4. changing LOV

  5. calling procedure

  6. Setting initial Value

  7. Display AOL Messages

  8. Hiding the fields

  9. Restricting line level qty with example

  10. Form personalization tables and migration from one instance to other instance

Unix Shell Scripting

  • Steps to Register Shell Script as a concurrent program

  • Unix Script copying file from one location to other location

  • loading data by using unix script

  • submitting concurrent program from unix

  • Basic unix commands

  • Sql Report Development

  • Plsql Report Development

  • PLSQL Report to EXCEL

Developer Reports

  1. Report Development steps and report registration

  2. Developer reporting tool fundamentals like Bind parameter, Lexical parameter, Summary column, Formula column, Place holder column, Data link, Data model, layout model, Frame ,Repeating Frame, Text field ,Boiler Text ,OLE2, pinning a tool

  3. confine mode, flex mode, Align objects, size objects, send it to back

  4. display limited records per page

  5. display amt in words

  6. each master records starts on the starting of the page

  7. reset page numbering.

  8. Formula column with example

  9. Summary column with example

  10. placeholder column with example

  11. Format triggers

  12. Display dynamic images

  13. condtional formatting:

  14. dynamically hiding the fields.

  15. adding void reason to void payment register report

  16. Display multiple values in single string

  17. User exits

  18. lexical parameter with formatted query example

  19. Matrxi report - outstanding sales order list including complete invoice history

  20. Creation of table dynamically

  21. Include zero invoice amounts.

  22. Report triggers

  23. Display dynamic report name in the output

  24. Display dynamic company name in the report output

  25. set rdf report with warning status

  26. calling a report from other report

  27. calling a report using form personalization.

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