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Oracle PL/SQL 1Z0-144 Certified practice tests Coupon
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[25% Off] Oracle PL/SQL 1Z0-144 Certified practice tests Course Coupon

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Get your Oracle PL/SQL 1Z0-144 Certified from the first attempt

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Please be aware that I am working on this course on an ongoing basis. I always want to deliver highest quality to you and I made my best to do so. If you find any issue let me know and I will correct it immediatelly :)

Looking for an perfect Oracle PL/SQL exam preparation? Searching since hours without good results? Congratulation!

You found what you need, without wasting time downloading a lot of stuff you need to sort anyway or which have wrong solutions!

You get an explanation whereever needed, so you don't need to begin research on your own.

The answers to the questions are validated.

Oracle PL/SQL 1Z0-144 Certification - Full exam preparation

Real exam details:

Duration: 90 Minutes, No. Of Questions: 65, Passing Score: 66%, Validated Against: This exam was validated against 11g and up to 19c.

Before starting with PL/SQL you should be very familiar with SQL.

The Oracle SQL 1Z0-071 certification is a prerequisit for the Oracle 1Z0-144 PL/SQL exam.

You can use my Oracle 1Z0-071 exam preparation course to get certified in SQL or every other course, it is up to you. This is my course, which is exactly structured like this course:

If you already worked with my SQL course, you know you will get a superb exam preparation.

This course provides overall 325 unique questions for your PL/SQL exam preparation!

These are 3 PL/SQL Exam preparation tests and 2 test as entry level!

The entry level practice tests which is for your preparation includes 65 questions each. Pass this test at first to be sure to be ready for the real practice exam tests. The last practice exam contains around 10 difficult questions of the first two exam practice test to repeat them.

If you already certified in SQL, you will get to the next stage with the PL/SQL certification. Well performing OCP have even greater long-term job oppertunities. Each higher level of Oracle certification brings a higher standard of benchmarking skill and ability, which leads to greater opportunities and higher pay.

What people say who are certified by Oracle:

· 97% said they have benefited from certification (SQL or PL/SQL)

· 89% said they gained more confidence in their Oracle expertise after becoming certified

· 96% would recomment the program to a professional colleague

Benefeits of getting further certified:

· Higher promotion prospects

· Better employability chances

· Improvement in skills and expertise

· A better and deep understanding of the technology stack Use of Oracle Certified logo for endorsement of your proven skill by Oracle Corporation

· Access to the Oracle OCP members-only web site

· Oracle certified professional can manage the large databases and also develop applications that are immensely useful towards business operations.

· Organizations which employ Oracle Certified Professional know that they will deliver higher and qualitatively improved productivity

Exam Concepts:

· Declaring PL/SQL Variables

· Writing Executable Statements

· Writing SQL in PL/SQL

· Writing Control Structures

· Working with Composite Data Types

· Using Explicit Cursors

· Handling Exceptions

· Using PL/SQL Subprograms

· Creating Procedures and Using Parameters

· Creating Functions

· Creating Packages

· Working with Packages

· Using Dynamic SQL

· Design Considerations for PL/SQL Code

· Creating Compound, DDL, and Event Database Triggers

· Using the PL/SQL Compiler

· Managing PL/SQL Code

· Managing Dependencies

This course provide overall 360 unique questions for your exam preparation. There are no duplicated questions. All questions are multiple choice with one or several correct answer. You will get the information of how many answers are correct for each question as in the real exam.

There are 4 test exams for you. Each has 65 questions as the real exam has.

You will learn about the following contents as they can be covered by the exam:

Exam Topics

Declaring PL/SQL Variables

· Recognize valid and invalid identifiers

· List the uses of variables, declare and initialize variables, use bind variables

· List and describe various data types using the %TYPE and %ROWTYPE attributes

Writing Executable Statements

· Identify lexical units in a PL/SQL block

· Use built-in SQL functions in PL/SQL and sequences in PL/SQL expressions

· Describe when implicit conversions take place and when explicit conversions have to be dealt with

· Write nested blocks and qualify variables with labels

· Write readable code with appropriate indentation

Writing SQL in PL/SQL

· Create PL/SQL executable blocks using DML and transaction control statements

· Make use of the INTO clause to hold the values returned by a SQL statement

Writing Control Structures

· Identify the uses and types of control structures (IF, CASE statements and expressions)

· Construct and identify loop statements

· Use EXIT and CONTINUE statements inside loops

Working with Composite Data Types

· Create user-defined PL/SQL records

· Create a record with the %ROWTYPE attribute

· Create an INDEX BY table and INDEX BY table of records

· Describe the differences among records, collections, and collections of records

· Initialize collections and records

Using Explicit Cursors

· Distinguish between implicit and explicit cursors and use SQL cursor attributes

· Declare and control explicit cursors, use simple loops and cursor FOR loops to fetch data

· Declare and use cursors with parameters

· Lock rows with the FOR UPDATE clause and reference the current row with the WHERE CURRENT OF clause

Handling Exceptions

· Define PL/SQL exceptions

· Recognize unhandled exceptions

· Handle different types of exceptions (internally defined exceptions, predefined exceptions and user-defined exceptions)

· Propagate exceptions

Using PL/SQL Subprograms

· Differentiate between anonymous blocks and subprograms

· Create a simple procedure and invoke it from an anonymous block

· Identify benefits of subprograms

Creating Procedures and Using Parameters

· Create a procedure with parameterrs

· Use named notation

· Work with procedures (create, invoke and remove procedures)

· Handle exceptions in procedures and display a procedure's information

Creating Functions

· Differentiate between a procedure and a function

· Describe the uses of functions

· Work with functions (create, invoke and remove functions)

Creating Packages

· Identify the benefits and the components of packages

· Work with packages (create package specification and body, invoke package subprograms, remove a package and display package information)

· Overload package subprograms and use forward declarations

Working with Packages

· Use package types and variables

· Use packaged constants and functions in SQL

· Use ACCESSIBLE BY to restrict access to package subprograms

Using Dynamic SQL

· Describe the execution flow of SQL statements

· Use Native Dynamic SQL (NDS)

· Bind PL/SQL types in SQL statements

Design Considerations for PL/SQL Code

· Create standard constants and exceptions

· Write and call local subprograms

· Control the run-time privileges of a subprogram

· Perform autonomous transactions


· Use bulk binding and the RETURNING clause with DML

Creating Compound, DDL, and Event Database Triggers

· Create triggers on DDL statements

· Create triggers on system events

· Describe different types of triggers and their uses

Using the PL/SQL Compiler

· Describe the PL/SQL compiler and features

· Use the PL/SQL compiler initialization parameters

· Use the PL/SQL compile time warnings

Managing PL/SQL Code

· Describe and use conditional compilation

· Code-based access control: granting roles to program units

· Whitelist code access with the ACCESSIBLE BY clause

· Mark code as deprecated

Managing Dependencies

· Track and manage procedural dependencies

This Oracle PL/SQL exam preparation will give you a great knowledge to pass the exam. Our goal is that you get the certification after your first attempt. As long as you are able to answers all of our questions correctly, you have best chances to get the certificate on your first attempt. Learn all of this questions in detail, understand the background knowledge, which is given to you too.

In case you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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