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Learn the process to invest on NFTs

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Hi, in this course you will know the process to buy, sell, and even make your own NFTs.

We will make the math on how much can be earned on NFTs

You will know the most important marketplaces for NFTs, so you can make better decisions and have the best possible benefit.

You will learn all important aspects before investing in NFTs, for example, you will know what kind of NFTs are better for you.

You will know what kind of security systems protect your NFTs, and also your information, furthermore you will know what kind of cryptocurrency is the most used when trading NFTs, you will know the reason behind why some cryptocurrencies are more accepted than others.

There are many wallets that you can use to buy, and sell your NFTs in this course you will get to know the most used and relevant wallets, of course, I will teach you how to use these wallets.

I will share with you the list f all types of all existing NFTs, for example, if you are a gamer then, let me tell you that there are opportunities to own exclusive skins of your favorite games, even you can créate NFTs related to videogames. If you like sports there are opportunities for you to own special cards about baseball, basketball, soccer, or any other sport.

If you are a photographer you can also make great NFTs and sell them on a specialized NFT marketplace.

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