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[100% Off] Negotiation 101 Free Course Coupon

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A Crash Course for New and Experienced Professionals

1.0 hr
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Welcome to Negotiation 101: A Crash Course for New and Experienced Professionals!

When world-class negotiators think about negotiation, they know it's all about understanding and connecting with the person across the table. Skilled negotiators possess a toolkit of strategies. As the world becomes more interconnected, your ability to negotiate effectively becomes an increasingly valuable skill.

I created and tailored this concise five-part course to offer you, the participant, a deep dive into the foundational principles and best practices of negotiation. After working for 10 years in account management and successfully closing millions of dollars in contracts and sales, the information in this course is condensed from my experience and dozens of books and research papers, acting as a kick-starter and reference to your negotiation training.

If you're an experienced negotiator, this course will name strategies and tactics you may employ and some you've never heard of. If you're new to negotiation, this is a CRASH COURSE covering information that would normally take you weeks, if not months, to learn on your own.

Upon completing this course, supplementary resources and exercises are available for you to continue working and learning on your negotiation comprehension and mastery.

Thank you for embarking on this journey, and happy negotiating!

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