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Duration: 2.0 hours

Tap into your inner resources to create a comfortable and financially abundant life

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The Formula for building Wealth, making money has been the same for centuries.

The reason we have financial difficulty is because we don’t have enough knowledge about it. We were not taught and the behaviour, relationship we build with money dictates our experience and outcomes.

Building wealth is an automatic behaviour which depends on what beliefs we have about money, what mindset we are operating from. Our money mindset is the feelings and thoughts we subconsciously developed towards money from our past experiences.

Recent research in psychology and neuroscience have uncovered reliable strategies that people can use to create financial freedom.

This course keeps things simple by highlighting 15 simple things that you start doing to improve your financial level. Everything you're about to learn comes from documented, peer-reviewed research in psychological science.

This course is in four parts.

1. Understand money - What is money, where does it come from.

2. Money management - development of skills, qualities, understanding saving and spending.

3. Money mindset - what are our beliefs, feelings and thoughts and how can we change negative beliefs about money to a more positive one.

4. Building wealth - create strategy, learn how to build wealth by offering a service, pursuing your passion, by investment.

What you habitually think largely determines what you ultimately become. One will never get any more than he thinks he can get.” – Bruce Lee

If you think you are only capable of earning £2000 a month then this is what you will earn. If you think you can earn £10000 then this is what you will earn.

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