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MOMENTS OF WISDOM: Personal Development and Transformation Coupon
Personal Development

[40% Off] MOMENTS OF WISDOM: Personal Development and Transformation Course Coupon

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A Course With Tips & Coaching on: Personal Transformation & Development, Life, Motivation, Self-Esteem, Confidence

1.5 hr
15$ 24.99$
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After writing my book "Supercharge Your Motivation and Performance", I traveled to Greece and the Greek islands to rest and visit family and friends. While I was there, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to create a series of short videos to promote the book. However, recently I realized that these moments of wisdom could actually become a perfect course.

There is nothing more powerful than sharing the wisdom of ancient philosophers from the top of Acropolis in Athens. And there is nothing more impactful than talking for BIG goals and the effort it takes than having behind me a mega-yacht. The wind of Mykonos gives you the urge to live and enjoy life in a way that you do not get anywhere else, and flying 35,000 in the air makes you realize that anything is possible...and gives the inspiration for one more lecture while people around are sleeping!

Throughout my lectures, I talk about regrets, the importance of being open to change, and other important topics. While some of the topics may be considered as "common sense", they take a different meaning after the pandemic. Who doesn't have regrets for all the things they didn't do before the pandemic? I DEFINITELY DO! In one of the lectures, I made a silly fashion video to address the importance of being open to change. I remember saying that if we are not open to change, then change will come and find us anyways. How correct was I? Look what happened with all the dramatic changes that are happening around the world. Change does not wait for anyone!

If you seek inspiration, motivation, and tips for personal development and transformation this course is perfect for you. This course starts with a visual experiment that shows why it is always important to have positive thoughts and continues with lectures recorded in various places in Greece, and Canada. I also include a few surprises that I'm sure you will enjoy!

Register to my course and learn actionable techniques that will help you achieve your goals!

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