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Modern Design In SketchUp Coupon

[81% Off] Modern Design In SketchUp Course Coupon

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Learn The Art of Making Modern 3D Designs in SketchUp

1.0 hr
15$ 79.99$
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Finally, a resource to help navigate the 3D Modeling of a Modern Home. This course goes from scratch with a few design ideas and a basic layout to a set of drawings for a full Modern Architectural Design. You will build your SketchUp and 3d modeling skillsets in the modeling and designing of a 3d Modern home.

What you learn in this course:

- Techniques for building massing

- Techniques for sun diagrams and studies

- How to make a simple modern structure

- How to build 3d sites, and make roads

- How to generate plans, sections and elevations of 3d models

- How to get quality views/renderings of modern 3d projects

If you want to get further in your modeling and design skills, then this course is the tool you need to get to the Next Level.

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